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Taxi Boss Codes (December 2023) - Get free cash

Taxi Driver roblox codes

Looking for the latest Taxi Boss codes? You're in the right place.

Have you ever wanted to be a taxi driver? No, us neither. However, if you've played Taxi Boss on Roblox - which we will assume you have because you have come looking for codes for it - you will know it's a lot of fun.

Because not only can you pick up and drop off passengers to make some sweet, sweet cash, but you can also drop the pretence and race against others in cars far more powerful than any taxi needs to be.

What are Taxi Boss codes?

However, to get the best cars in Taxi Boss, you will need bags of cash - and while the day job will help with that - you will be putting in some serious hours to get the amount needed for the top-tier racers.

Taxi Boss screenshot
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Thankfully, there is a quicker way to get Taxi Boss cash and that is by using Taxi Boss codes. These codes are released periodically by the developers and reward players with a one-time lump sum of cash.

Below we list all the working Taxi Boss codes and show you how to use them.

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Working Taxi Boss codes (December 2023)

Here are all the working Taxi Boss codes as of 1 December 2023.

  • LETSGO – free cash
  • XMAS – free cash
  • HIGHWAY – free cash
  • ONEYEAR – free cash (new)
  • OFFICE – free cash (new)
  • COMPANY – free cash (new)
  • update – free cash (new)
  • matrix – 800 bucks
  • test – 100 bucks
  • start – 1,000 bucks

Expired Taxi Boss codes

Here are all the expired Taxi Boss codes as of 1 December 2023.

  • time - Redeem for 1,500 cash
  • race - Redeem for 1,000 cash
  • hundred - Redeem for 1,000 cash
  • code - Redeem for 1,000 cash
  • thanks - Redeem for 1,000 cash
  • money - Redeem for 1,000 cash
  • boss - Redeem for 1,000 cash
  • like - Redeem for 1,000 cash
  • taxi - Redeem for 1,000 cash

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How to redeem Taxi Boss codes

To redeem Taxi Boss codes, follow the instructions below:

  1. Start up Taxi Boss via the game's Roblox page
  2. In the game, press the shopping cart icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen
  3. In the box that says "enter code", type in one of the working Taxi Boss codes from above
  4. Press the "enter" button, you will now receive your reward in your in-game inventory
Taxi Boss code redeem menu
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Credit: Taxi Boss Group
Taxi Boss codes are redeemed in-game.

Where to find more Taxi Boss codes

The best place to find new Taxi boss codes is right here. We regularly check for new codes, so keep an eye on this page and you will keep up to date.

If you want to get a head start, you can check the Taxi Boss Twitter page, where the codes are usually released.

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