The Crew 3 rumours: New Motorfest name, location, release date & more

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Launched back in 2018, The Crew 2 has become a popular alternative to Forza Horizon. The series allows players to explore a vast open world set in a scaled-down version of the United States of America. With The Crew 2 approaching its fifth anniversary, a sequel is long overdue. The Crew 3 rumours are swirling from the location to a potential rebranding. Here you can find all the latest The Crew 3 rumours and leaks.

The Crew 3 is reportedly in development

Rumours suggest The Crew 3 is in development and internally known as Project Orlando. Back in September 2021, leaked screenshots emerged online showing a new Ubisoft project called Project Orlando set in Hawaii.


These screenshots were discovered in a datamine for The Crew 2. One file referred to a “breathless crew vs crew race, up to 100 players, with vehicles switch along 3 different sections.”

The Crew 3 rumours

It’s believed Project Orlando was originally going to be DLC for The Crew 2. But according to reliable leaker Tom Henderson, Project Orlando is a "completely new game" with a "new driving engine."

This suggests The Crew 3 is already in development. Henderson also claims the team at Ivory Tower "weren't happy with The Crew 2" and is "overhauling everything” for the sequel.



The first two games in The Crew series were set in a massive open-world recreation of the United States split into five regions. Each region contains major cities to explore including Chicago, New York City, and Las Vegas to name a few. However, The Crew 3 will take the series in a new direction if rumours are true.

The Crew 3 rumours

According to a report by Tom Henderson via Insider Gaming, The Crew 3 will be set in Hawaii's island of Oahu. This is a familiar location for open-world driving game fans because the first two Test Drive Unlimited games were also set in Hawaii.


One of Ivory Tower’s founders, Stephane Beley, also directed Test Drive Unlimited. It seems, then, that Ivory Tower wants to recapture the spirit of the original TDU games.

This suggests The Crew 3’s location will be smaller in scale but hopefully more detailed. Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is taking a similar direction with its recreation of Hong Kong Island.

New name

The Crew 3 may not even be the name of the next title in Ubisoft’s open-world driving series. Instead, The Crew 3 could be renamed Motorfest.


According to Henderson, leaked screenshots not released publicly show a prominent Motorfest logo on electronic billboards, car number plates, and in the loading menu.

Notably, The Crew logo wasn't on any of the screenshots, implying that Ivory Tower and Ubisoft could drop The Crew branding for the next game and reboot the franchise. This could be risky since The Crew is an established IP.

The Crew 3 rumours

However, Motorfest still appears to be connected to The Crew. The leaked screenshots reportedly show an option to import garage cars from The Crew 2.

Since the next game is still reportedly in development, it could still be called The Crew 3: Motorfest.

Release date

There is no official The Crew 3 release date yet. We’ll have to wait for Ubisoft to officially announce the next game to find out when The Crew 3 is coming out.

The Crew 3 rumours

Ubisoft plans to support The Crew 2 with seasons introducing new vehicles, challenges, and rewards until July 2023. Looking back, The Crew was announced at E3 2013 in June and released in December 2014. The Crew 2 was then announced at E3 2017 and released in June 2018.

With that in mind, Ubisoft could announce The Crew 3 at E3 2023 in June and release it in late 2023 or early 2024 to give Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown some competition. It will likely be a current-gen-only release on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.