The Sim Racer film gets a new trailer

When you think of sim racing, you probably don't think of Hollywood, but as interest in the at-home racing world grows, so too does interest from other areas.

While competitions like the V10 R-League and F1 Esports represent the pinnacle of the racing scene online, there are sim racing competitions all around the world, and they form the backdrop for a new film, "The Sim Racer" which has just unveiled a trailer!

The Sim Racer trailer

It all starts with debt, and the need to win a big sim racing tournament to use the prize money to save a house. It's not a new premise, but using sim racing as the backdrop for the drama certainly is!

Set seemingly in the heart of NASCAR country, the film thankfully doesn't use the terrible NASCAR 21: Ignition, but instead the much superior iRacing.

We're excited to see more about this film, and see just how they treat the art, skill, and difficulty of sim racing.

Release date

Unfortunately, there is no firm release date for The Sim Racer just yet.

The trailer quotes "coming soon" but that could mean anything. Nor is it clear just how or where fans might be able to watch.

We'll keep you updated though!

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