How to corner in MotoGP 23: Best cornering techniques for new players

How to corner in MotoGP 23

How to corner in MotoGP 23

MotoGP 23 is challenging to master for newcomers. If you’re used to racing on four wheels, cornering on a bike requires different techniques. This guide will show you how to corner in MotoGP 23.

MotoGP 23 is a massive step up from last year’s entry. The redesigned career mode is the best in the series yet while dynamic weather makes races less predictable. Controlling the bikes is still far from easy, however. Here’s how to corner in MotoGP 23 and set faster lap times.

How to corner in MotoGP 23

To corner in MotoGP 23, you not only have to steer the bike but also shift the rider’s weight. Move the analogue stick left or right to steer the bike and keep it centre on straight sections. When steering into a corner, move the analogue stick up in the direction of the corner to shift the rider’s weight and balance the bike.

How to corner in MotoGP 23
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Compared to F1 cars, MotoGP bikes have far longer braking distances and less grip. This makes them absurdly fast but much harder to slow down.

As you approach a corner, ease off the throttle and brake early using the white markers on the trackside as reference points. As with car racing, use the slow in fast out technique to maintain your speed in a corner.

Always be smooth with your accelerating, braking and steering inputs to maintain your balance and keep the bike stable. As you exit the corner and straighten the bike up, apply the throttle progressively.

If you brake too late and are approaching a corner too fast, you can also use the rear brake to take a tighter turn by pressing the Cross button on the PlayStation controller and A on the Xbox controller.

Apply assists

If you’re new to MotoGP 23, there are several riding assists you can apply to help you corner. When you boot up MotoGP 23 for the first time, the game will ask you to select one of four Game Experience options ranging from Rookie to Extreme.

MotoGP 23 game experience settings
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Selecting Rookie will enable automatic steering, acceleration and braking, but this doesn’t give you any control of the bike. In Career and Grand Prix modes, you can finetune these settings in the pre-race menu by pressing Square on PlayStation or X on Xbox.

Try reducing these settings until you feel comfortable. Setting Electronics to Assisted will also help stabilise the bike when cornering.

How to corner in MotoGP 23
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To help you learn the tracks in MotoGP 23, we recommend enabling the ideal trajectory in the Game Experience setting. This will display the optimum acceleration and braking points to corner at the right speed.

Accelerate when the trajectory is blue, ease off the throttle when it’s yellow, and brake when it’s red. Stick to the indicated racing line, and you’ll be setting faster lap times in no time.

Review and Beginner’s Guide

For more on MotoGP 23, check out our full review. You can read our beginner’s guide for tips and tricks to help you become a MotoGP champion.

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