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MotoGP 21 Pre-order: Editions, prices, release date & more!

A new year means one exciting arrival for bike fans, a new MotoGP title to get playing.

This year, excitingly, will see the games' arrival on next-gen console, and we can't wait to see how the title gets on with the awesome hardware.

So, let's take a look at where, and when, you can pre-order the next installment of the MotoGP series!


The game is currently available to pre-order from Amazon, although you can also access this through the MotoGP 21 website.

The link currently asks you which platform you'd like to pre-order on, and then takes you to Amazon.

At the moment, there only seems to be a standard edition available for pre-order. The game comes in at £44.99 on PlayStation and Xbox, and £39.99 on Switch and PC.

Release date

The game will launch on April 22, which is just over a month at the time of writing.

MotoGP 20 Qatar night race
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NEW BEGINNINGS: Where will MotoGP 21 take you?

This is in-line with last year's release date also, and is exactly what we were hoping for.

A big congratulations should got to Milestone for hitting their release date window. With so many games delayed in these trying times it's nice to see one game launch when it should!

Editions & price

From the pre-order menu, we can see that editions are available for each console. This means the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, and PC.

motogp 20 screenshot race rider
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PLENTY TO DO: Even the standard version of the game is jam-packed with features!

We're not yet certain about what special edition may be available. However, last year's game launched with a VIP edition also, so expect the same this year.

With the base game costing between £40-£45, chances are a VIP or special edition would start at least £5 higher at £45-£50, but will come with added incentives such as potential early access and in-game items.

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