MotoGP 22 Editions: VIP edition, pre-order, release date, PS5, Series X, & more

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MotoGP 22 is out now! Milestone's latest MotoGP game is a fantastic title and we're so impressed by it. If you haven't picked up the game yet, which edition is best for you?

We've got everything you need to about the different editions of MotoGP 22 right here!


As we're between console generations, which consoles a game will be released on is never certain. However, MotoGP 22 has remained consistent with the systems they're using.

22 has been released on the next-gen systems of the Series X and PlayStation 5.

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WIDE RELEASE: MotoGP 22 will be released on both next and current gen

22 has also be released on last-gen systems PS4 and Xbox One, as well as the Switch and PC via the Steam Store.

Standard edition

MotoGP 22 has a lot of new features confirmed. These include a new 2009 season mode, as well as more realistic facial animations and bike mechanics.

22 also includes an engrossing career mode and several other FIM series like Moto2 and Moto3.

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THE STANDARD: This is the vanilla version of MotoGP 22

The PC and Switch versions of MotoGP 22 are the cheapest, usually retailing at around £39.99. The other versions for both old and next-gen should cost £44.99.

This would make them some of the cheapest new full games on next-gen around! As for additional content outside of this, you'll need to get either the limited or VIP editions.

Other editions

Milestone didn't make any other versions of MotoGP 22 available to fans. The VIP and Limited Editions that we were used to in past years haven't returned in 2022.

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THE ILLUSIVE ONE: Extra versions of the MotoGP game isn't available

This is a good thing in a sense, because all content will be available to all players, regardless of which edition they buy.

MotoGP 22 release date & announcement trailer

MotoGP 22 was confirmed to be launching worldwide on 21st April. This was mentioned at the end of the game's announcement trailer:

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