MotoGP 22 update adds new 2022 bikes and liveries

MotoGP 22 wheelied onto PC and consoles last month. With a new historic Nine Season 2009, new tutorials that make the game more accessible for beginners, and stunning visuals and audio, the latest instalment is Milestone’s best MotoGP game yet.

But despite being the official game 2022 MotoGP Championship game, several bikes and liveries were missing at launch. Thankfully, this has changed with the release of the latest update.

New 2022 bikes and liveries

Available for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, the latest patch update adds updated bikes and livery designs for bikes and riders for the top MotoGP class from the 2022 season.

MotoGP 22 screenshot
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2022 bikes and liveries were missing in MotoGP 22 at launch, but not anymore!

Circuit banners are also updated for 2022 and rider skills are adjusted to reflect performance in this year’s season. Other updates include a new celebration cut scene at the end of online races and new stickers for the graphic editor.

You can find a full list of changes in the patch notes below.

MotoGP 22 May 5 update patch notes

Version: PS4 (01.04) – PS5 (1.004.000) – Xbox One ( – Xbox Series S/X ( – PC Steam

  • MotoGP riders and bikes updated to the 2022 season
  • Re-Tuning of the official riders skill according to the ongoing season
  • Circuit banners updated to the 2022 season
  • New celebration Cutscene at the end of online races
  • Increased the number of different characters in the 3D environments
  • New “Content Creators” stickers in the graphic editor section
  • Minor fixes

MotoGP 22 screenshot
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The latest MotoGP 22 update also adds track-side banners from the 2022 season

MotoGP 22 review

To find out our full verdict, be sure to check out our MotoGP 22 review. If you’re new to the series, you can also check out our track setup guides and complete Season Nine walkthrough.

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