MotoGP 23 Controller Settings: How to change MotoGP 23 controller calibration and mapping

MotoGP 23 is out now, bringing a brand new career mode and dynamic weather for the first time in the series. If you’re new to MotoGP games, getting to grips with the controls can be tricky at first. Don’t worry, because our guide will show you the best MotoGP 23 controller settings.

We’ll also show you how to change the button layouts and adjust the controller calibration in MotoGP 23 to find the right settings that suit your play style.

How to change MotoGP 23 controller settings

To access the MotoGP 23 controller settings, press Triangle on PlayStation and Y on Xbox in the main menu. Then navigate to 'Controls' by pressing R1 on PlayStation and the right bumper on Xbox.

MotoGP 23 controller settings control button layout
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From here, you can change the button layout and calibrate the sensitivity settings. The first Controller screen shows the default controls. These can be changed by scrolling down, selecting a button map pressing the new button you want to set.

For example, the triggers are used to accelerate and brake by default, but this can be assigned to the right analogue stick if you prefer.

Best MotoGP 23 controller settings

In the Controller Settings, you can also set the calibration. This allows you to change how the bikes handle by adjusting the sensitivity of the bike’s steering and acceleration as well as the front and rear brakes.

MotoGP 23 controller settings control calibration
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There are five settings you can calibrate: dead zone, linearity, saturation, filter pressure, and filter release. Feel free to experiment to find the right settings you’re comfortable with.

  • Dead zone - This increases or decreases the minimum input required for the controller to register. For example, a high dead zone requires you to turn the analogue stick more before the bike starts steering. We recommend keeping this at zero by default on all categories unless you have issues with your controller inputs.
  • Linearity - This increases or decreases the strength of your inputs. If you’re finding the bikes understeer too much, increasing the steering linearity to 80-85% will make the bikes turn in faster.
  • Saturation – This adjusts the end point of your input. For example, cranking up the steering saturation will cause the rider to lean fully with minimum input. We recommend increasing the rear brake saturation to around 90%-100%. By default, the rear brakes are very strong and can cause you to lose control. Increasing the saturation allows for smoother rear braking, reducing the chances of losing control. 
  • Filter pressure – This increases or decreases the delay when applying your input. We recommend increasing the rear brake filter pressure to 80-85% to reduce the strength. 
  • Filter release - This increases or decreases the delay when releasing your input such as letting off the accelerator or brakes. We recommend increasing the rear brake filter pressure to 95-100% to reduce the strength. 

Applying assists

If you’re still having difficulty with the controls after setting the calibration, we also recommend adjusting the assists. MotoGP 23 has a suite of rider aids that make the bikes easier to control.

MotoGP 23 controller settings game experience rider aids
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When booting the game for the first time, you’ll be asked to select one of four Game Experience options ranging from Rookie to Extreme. Selecting Rookie applies assists such as automatic braking to help you learn the tracks and get acquainted with controlling the bikes.

Each Game Experience applies preset difficulty settings but you can tweak them by pressing Square on PlayStation or X on Xbox in the pre-race screen in Career or Grand Prix modes.

When starting out, we recommend setting Electronics to Assisted as this will make the bike more stable. Try enabling Neural Steering, Braking and Throttle assists first before reducing these settings when you feel more comfortable controlling different aspects of the bike.

Review and beginner’s guide

For more on MotoGP 23, you can read our review to find out our verdict on this year’s official MotoGP game. You can also check out our beginner’s guide for more tips and tricks to help you become a MotoGP champion.

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