MotoGP 23 Release Date: When will launch day be confirmed?

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MotoGP 23 Release date

Milestone have been making the MotoGP video game for a decade now, but when will the MotoGP 23 release date be?

First though, we need to learn when the release date is likely to be confirmed. Here's what we can expect from MotoGP 23!


MotoGP 23 Release Date

MotoGP 22 was released worldwide on 21 April 2022. This was on par with previous games, as late April is usually the release date for this series.

We expect MotoGP 23 to be released around a similar date to its predecessor. This will be revealed in a reveal trailer, which usually launches in late February, two months before launch day.


The announcement trailer usually comes with the headline feature of the new game.

What that could be this year isn't clear, but we've linked the announcement trailer from 2022 above for you to check out.

Platforms & editions

MotoGP 23, in all likelihood, will be available on the next-gen systems of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. MotoGP 23 will also be available on PC via the Steam Store.

Whether MotoGP 23 will be available for PS4 and Xbox One users isn't clear right now. MotoGP 22 came out on the last-gen systems, but MotoGP 23 could make the full shift to next-gen.

motogp 22

MotoGP 22 had no special editions available for it. That will probably be the same for MotoGP 23, as there haven't been any special editions for MotoGP since MotoGP 20.


Pre-order and price

Pre-orders for MotoGP 23 aren't available yet. They will be available when the reveal trailer for the game drops, so just over a month from now.

As for the price, if MotoGP 23 is cross-generational like MotoGP 22, it'll likely retail for £59.99 on PlayStation and Xbox. That is a digital copy that will work on both PS4/PS5 and Series X | S/ One, depending which system you play on.


The Steam version usually retails cheaper, around £39.99 at launch.

If MotoGP 23 isn't available on last-gen, it could be cheaper for the next-gen systems. It wouldn't be out of character for Milestone to drop the launch price for PS5 and Series X | S to £49.99 or even £44.99.

Again, prices will be confirmed once pre-orders for MotoGP 23 become available.