MotoGP 23 Release Date: Launch date confirmed by Milestone

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MotoGP 23 Release date

Milestone has been making the MotoGP video game for a decade now, but when will the MotoGP 23 release date be? The normal announcement window came and went in February, leaving fans disappointed and a little worried.

Thankfully, Milestone has finally broken cover with a launch trailer for MotoGP 23. We got our first taste of the intense racing action that the MotoGP franchise can deliver, and now we want more!

First, though, we need to learn when MotoGP 23 comes out. Here's what we can expect from MotoGP 23!

MotoGP 23 release date

MotoGP 22 was released worldwide on 21 April 2022. This year though, players will have to wait a bit longer.

Milestone usually announces MotoGP games in February, but Milestone waited until the end of March this time around. As a result, MotoGP 23's release date has slipped back into the summer.

MotoGP 23 in the rain
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The official release date MotoGP 23 is 8 June, 2023.

Games often launch with an early access edition, but Milestone has avoided these in recent years. We don't think this year will be any different, so players shouldn't expect to get into MotoGP 23 any earlier than 8 June.

Platforms & editions

MotoGP 23 will be available on the next-gen systems of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. MotoGP 23 will also be available on PC via the Steam Store.

As has been the case for previous titles, MotoGP 23 will also be available for PS4 and Xbox One console users as well as Nintendo Switch. This suggests that the underlying game engine hasn't gone through any radical updates, but it also keeps the pool of players nice and broad.

motogp 22
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MotoGP 22 had no special editions available for it. That will probably be the same for MotoGP 23, as there haven't been any special editions for MotoGP since MotoGP 20.

Pre-order and price

Pre-orders for MotoGP 23 aren't available at the time of writing. They should be live shortly now that the reveal trailer has gone out though.


As for the price, MotoGP 23 will likely retail for £59.99 on PlayStation and Xbox. That is a digital copy that will work on both PS4/PS5 and Series X | S/ One, depending which system you play on.

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The Steam & Switch versions usually retails cheaper, around £39.99 at launch. Again, prices will be confirmed once pre-orders for MotoGP 23 become available.

New tracks

Two new circuits are joining the MotoGP 23 calendar: Sokol in Kazakhstan and Buddh in India. As the official game of the 2023 MotoGP championship, these tracks will be represented in the MotoGP 23 game.

MotoGP 23 tracks
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We're also hoping to see historic tracks return after revisiting classic circuits in MotoGP 22's Nine Career Mode.