MotoGP 23 Xbox: What will Series X bring to MotoGP?

MotoGP 23 Xbox

MotoGP 23 Xbox

MotoGP 23 is landing on Xbox this June. Milestone will continue developing the official Motorcycle Grand Prix game this year, making it a decade of continuous great games on two wheels.

MotoGP 23 is confirmed for Xbox Series X, but what about the last-gen Xbox One? We've got everything you need to know about MotoGP 23 Xbox right here!

MotoGP 23 Xbox

With the 2023 season underway, we were starting to wonder what was happening with MotoGP 23. Milestone usually announces MotoGP games in February before releasing them in April. After months of silence, MotoGP 23 has finally broken cover.

MotoGP 23 Xbox
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MotoGP 23 introduces a revamped career mode that features a new fictional social media where you can interact with rivals. Their behaviour on the track changes based on your interactions with them.

A new dynamic weather system will also affect your race strategy and make races more unpredictable. MotoGP 23 will also support cross-play multiplayer for the first time. If you have friends who play MotoGP 23 on PlayStation, you'll be able to race them online on Xbox.

What will the Series X bring to MotoGP 23?

Anybody fortunate enough to experience the Xbox Series X will know how much of an upgrade it is over the Xbox One.

Xbox Series X|S will bring the best picture quality available for MotoGP 23. MotoGP 23 will be able to run in 4K at 60 frames per second on the Series X, as long as your TV is up to the task.

MotoGP 23 Xbox
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With the increased processing power too, games will run much more consistently as well. Milestone has consistently produced great motorbike games and MotoGP 23 will continue that trend.

What about Xbox One?

The Xbox One was released in late-2013 and the first MotoGP game on the system was MotoGP 15. MotoGP 22 was released on both the Xbox One and Series X | S.

The transition between new and old-gen is still going on, as most games are still being released on both consoles.

MotoGP 23 Xbox
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This will also be the case for MotoGP 23. Milestone has confirmed MotoGP 23 will be released on Xbox One, so if you haven't upgraded to the current-gen Xbox Series X|S, you won't miss out.

Sticking with last-gen formats suggests MotoGP 23 won't be getting a major graphical overhaul, but it means the game will be available to a wider player base.

Release date

The announcement trailer has confirmed the release date for MotoGP 23.

MotoGP 23 will be released on 8 June 2023. This is later than usual as the last three MotoGP games came out in April.

As well as Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, MotoGP 23 will be available on PC, PS5, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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