MotoGP 23 Ultimate Guide: Review, beginner's guide, setups & everything you need to know

MotoGP 23 everything you need to know

MotoGP 23 everything you need to know

Fans have been waiting for a sign of MotoGP 23 for months. Milestone has been exceptionally quiet through the normal announcement phase of the MotoGP series. Leading to some worry from fans.

But worry no more! Milestone has finally broken the silence and revealed the first pieces of news about MotoGP 23. With the new season already underway, players are excited to get on new circuits and take on one of the toughest games in racing.

From the track roster to the release date, here's everything you need to know about MotoGP 23.

Latest news - MotoGP 23 review

Our verdict on Milestone's latest MotoGP racer is in, and the redesigned career mode is a game-changer for the series. You can find out more in our full MotoGP 23 review.

Beginner's guide

If you're new to bike games and have never played a MotoGP guide before, our MotoGP 23 beginner's guide has you covered.

From choosing the right difficulty settings to setting up your bike, our tips and tricks will help you go from a rookie to a world champion in no time. You can also check out our additional guides on how to brake, how to corner and how to change the controller settings.


To get the most out of your bike and set the fastest lap times, you need the right setup. We'll continually update this page with the best MotoGP 23 setups for each circuit.


Typically, the first official content we see for MotoGP games is the reveal trailer. Milestone usually does this a few months before the intended release date, and that has continued this year. The first trailer for MotoGP 23 is all about a new rider against an established legend.

While we don't see much of the game here, there is one big feature getting shown off which is dynamic weather. This will bring a whole new sense of realism to the game, and create flag-to-flag races where riders can return to the pits and switch bikes.

There is no mention of any historic content like last year's innovative "Nine" season mode.

We can expect a more detailed gameplay trailer to drop in mid-to-late April.

Career mode

MotoGP 23's career mode introduces a new social media where you can interact with riders, teams, and manufacturers. AI opponents will react to you differently on the track depending on your social media interactions.

A new Turning Points system also lets you progress through the different classes faster depending on your performances

Managerial Career should return for MotoGP 23. This career mode allows players to create their own team or join a real one. You’ll manage every aspect of the team’s strategy, from bike development to hiring staff.  

The season can also be customised, allowing players to choose which Grand Prix they want to play from different calendars.

MotoGP 23
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To help newcomers, MotoGP 22 featured a revised tutorial mode. These short gameplay sessions had custom rules to help players understand the basics of the game.

The new MotoGP Academy also taught players how to improve their riding style and achieve faster lap times. A new Adaptive Difficulty System guided players with pop-up messages offering tips on adjusting the difficulty.

We expect all of these modes will make a return to the series to help the accessibility for newcomers.

Riders & Teams

As this is the official MotoGP game for the 2023 season, all of the riders and teams are fully licenced in-game. This includes new champion Francesco Bagnaia, who stays with Ducati.

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MotoGP 22 included over 120 official riders from the 2022 season, so we expect a similar number for MotoGP 23.

MotoGP 22 game Francesco Bagnaia
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Changes to the line-ups next year include Jack Miller heading to KTM, replacing Miguel Oliveira, who goes to Aprilia. Pol Espargaro transferred to GasGas, with Joan Mir heading to Honda to replace him.

Moto2 champion Augusto Fernandez is this season's sole rookie rider.

New tracks

After years of disruption, normality resumed in MotoGP's calendar last season. There are several changes from the 2022 calendar though, with new races making their debut for 2023 and old ones being discontinued.

A new round joins the MotoGP 23 calendar in the form of the Indian Grand Prix at the Buddh International Circuit.

MotoGP 21 Kymiring Finland GP min
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There will be three rounds in Spain this season, as the Grand Prix of Aragon has been discontinued. Similarly, the Finnish Grand Prix is officially off, so there will probably be no Kymi Ring in this game.

So, there are 20 rounds in 2023 but there could be more circuits included in MotoGP 23 thanks to historical content!

Cross-play multiplayer

MotoGP 23 will feature cross-play multiplayer support for the first time, allowing riders to race together on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Unfortunately, cross-play won't be supported on PC or Nintendo Switch.

MotoGP 23
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Two-player local split-screen will also return for all platforms except Nintendo Switch.

MotoGP 23 release date

MotoGP 23 was released later than usual. Past MotoGP games came out in April, but MotoGP 23 was released on 8 June 2023.

MotoGP 23
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Why this year's game is releasing later than usual is unclear, but it's a shame given that the MotoGP season has already kicked off and will be five races deep by the time the game comes out.

As for platforms, MotoGP 23 is available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

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