How to brake in MotoGP 23

A few months later than usual, MotoGP 23 is out now. If you want to set the fastest lap times, stopping is just as important as accelerating. That’s why you need to learn how to brake in MotoGP 23.

Our guide will show you the best braking techniques in MotoGP 23, how to adjust the brake settings and how to manage the front and rear brakes.

How to brake in MotoGP 23

To apply the brakes in MotoGP 23, press the L2 trigger on the PlayStation controller and the left trigger on the Xbox controller. If you would prefer to brake with a different button, you can change the button layout in the controller settings.

As you approach a corner, apply the brakes smoothly and progressively. Braking too hard can unsettle the bike and cause your rider to kiss the tarmac, losing you vital places in the race. Different bike classes also have different braking distances and grip levels.

How to brake in MotoGP 23
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Using front and rear bikes

You only need to use the front brakes most of the time. If, however, you need some extra stopping power, you can also apply rear brakes at the same time as the front brakes. In older titles, it was possible to enable joint front and rear brakes. Sadly, this is not possible in MotoGP 23.

How to brake in MotoGP 23
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To use the rear brake, press Cross on the PlayStation controller or A on the Xbox controller. Tapping the rear brake will make the bike turn sharper when navigating tighter turns. It also stabilises the bike by preventing the rear wheel from lifting off the ground.

This is a useful technique in emergencies if you brake too late and approach a corner too fast that can prevent you from going off the track – think of it like a handbrake in a car.

Use it liberally though. Applying the rear brake too aggressively will lock up the rear wheel and cause you to lose control. Tap it instead of holding it down to avoid this.


If you’re new to MotoGP 23, you can apply an array of assists to make the bike easier to control. When you boot up MotoGP 23 for the first time, you’re prompted to select one of four Game Experience options ranging from Rookie to Extreme.

Selecting Rookie will enable automatic braking, but this makes the bike feel like it’s on rails, so you don’t get a good sense of control. In Career and Grand Prix modes, you can finetune these settings by pressing Square on PlayStation or X on Xbox in the pre-race menu.

MotoGP 23 game experience
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Enabling Neural Brakes will stop the bike automatically without your input. Try reducing this setting until you feel comfortable braking. Setting Electronics to Assisted will also help stabilise the bike when braking.

Learning the braking points in each circuit is key to setting a fast lap time. Braking points are usually marked with white horizontal lines on the track. Not every section has braking markers, however. Instead, you’ll need to rely on visual reference points such as bridges, lamp posts or fences.

How to brake in MotoGP 23
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In the Game Experience setting, we recommend enabling the ideal trajectory. This will display the optimum acceleration and braking points to help you stick to the racing line.

Accelerate when the trajectory is blue, ease off the throttle when it’s yellow, and brake when it’s red. Following the racing line will help you set the fastest lap times.

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