EA apologises for rude Need for Speed Unbound Tweets

If you’ve been following the official Need for Speed Twitter account, you’ll notice that Tweets promoting NFS Unbound have an edgier tone than most racing game brand accounts.

But after an insulting Tweet that called one fan a “milkshake brain” took the rebellious tone too far, EA has issued a public apology via the Need for Speed Twitter account.

Need for Speed Twitter calls fan a “milkshake brain”

In the run-up to Unbound's launch next week, the Need for Speed Unbound Twitter account has been posting edgy replies to fans.

The posts aren't intentionally malicious, but rather on-brand with NFS Unbound’s urban illegal street racing theme.

Frankly, it’s a refreshing approach in contrast to the PR-friendly corporate accounts we’re used to seeing.

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However, some fans feel that one exchange between the NFS Twitter account and a fan went too far.

It all started when the Need for Speed Twitter account advertised the Place Edition offering three days early access with the caption: "You asked and we listened."

User KyloZen0 replied: "Hold on - what did we ask for and what did you listen to, exactly? To pay more to get 3 days early access?”

In subsequent Tweets, the NFS Twitter account called them a “milkshake brain" and told them to "cry about it bro or buy regular price idc."

EA apologises for rude Need for Speed Tweets

Some fans criticised the derogatory language. The offending Tweets were then deleted but user Dexerto managed to get some screenshots of the offending Tweets before they were removed.

Since then, EA has apologised on the Need for Speed Twitter account for posting Tweets that “crossed the line.”

“We admit we got a bit caught up in the hype for launch and some of our recent social media replies crossed the line," the post says. "To those fans we upset, we apologise. We will do better. See you here next week.”

We suspect EA told the social media manager to tone things down after receiving complaints, so it will be interesting to see if the NFS Twitter account completely drops the rebellious tone going forward.

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Either way, it’s clearly having the desired effect of creating publicity and getting people talking about Need for Speed Unbound as we get close to launch.

Release date

NFS Unbound is just around the corner. The Palace Edition unlocks on 29 November before the general 2 December release date.

As for platforms, NFS Unbound will be released on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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