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EA insider Tom Henderson “worried” about Need for Speed 2022

Where is Need for Speed 2022? This is a question a lot of NFS fans are asking right now.

With no official updates from EA or Criterion Games, fans have been quizzing reliable EA insider Tom Henderson for news on NFS 2022. And his response paints a bleak picture.

Tom Henderson “worried” about Need for Speed 2022

Responding on Twitter to a fan asking if there is any news on the next NFS, Henderson says he is “pretty worried about NFS.”

He did, however, promise to reveal new details about Codemasters’ new WRC game due to arrive in 2023.

Will Need for Speed 2022 be delayed?

Back in July, EA confirmed in a quarterly earnings report that a new NFS game is coming by the end of this year between October and December. But there have been no official updates since then.

Need for Speed 2022
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As we approach the end of September, it’s make or break time for Need for Speed 2022. VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb previously claimed NFS 2022 has been pushed back from November to December.

However, given the lack of communication from EA and Criterion Games, we won’t be surprised if NFS 2022 gets delayed to 2023. If there are no official announcements between now and the end of the month, it's probably safe to assume NFS is delayed.

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We would rather a delay than EA the game out in time for Christmas with bugs and missing features – the last thing we all want is a repeat of Battlefield 2042’s botched launch. Let’s hope EA provides an update on what’s going on with NFS 2022 soon because fans are losing patience.

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