Need for Speed 2022 reportedly delayed by one month

Fans were hoping to finally see Need for Speed 2022 at Gamescom. Sadly, Criterion’s new NFS game was nowhere to be seen at the show, despite EA saying it’s on track for release this year in a recent earnings call. As EA stays silent, a new rumour suggests NFS 2022 has been delayed.

Need for Speed 2022 rumoured to be delayed by one month

In a reply to a Twitter post, VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb said NFS 2022 has been “delayed by about a month.”

However, it isn’t clear if Grubb means the reveal or the release date has been delayed by around a month. Grubb is known to be a reliable source and previously revealed details about NFS 2022’s location and anime-style visuals.

According to reliable leaker Tom Henderson, EA was planning to reveal NFS 2022 in late July around the same time as FIFA 23 and Skate 4 but the reveal was pushed back while internal testing continues.

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In a financial earnings earlier this month, EA reaffirmed the next NFS title will be released in FYQ3 between 1 October and 31 December 2022. If Grubb is right, NFS 2022 could be revealed in September and released in December, but we’ll have to wait for official clarification from EA to find out the release date.

Considering the lack of updates, a delay wouldn't be surprising. However, EA needs to release an update soon. The lack of communication is frustrating fans and raising concerns about development issues after Battlefield 2042’s poor reception.

This won’t be the first time NFS 2022 has suffered a delay either. Originally, NFS 2022 was supposed to be released by March 2022 but was delayed when Criterion joined DICE to help finish developing Battlefield 2042.

Need for Speed 2022 rumours

There are many NFS 2022 rumours doing the rounds right now. Recently, a Reddit user who allegedly knows know an EA employee claimed that NFS 2022’s comic book visuals will feature bold “bang” text pop-ups when destroying objects like lamp posts.

Need for Speed 2022
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Cop chases are also supposedly coming back, with a new mechanic where stealing abandoned cars parked on the map triggers a high heat level pursuit. You can get up to speed on all the latest Need for Speed 2022 rumours and leaks here.

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