Need for Speed 2022 reportedly releasing 2 December

As we approach the end of September with no updates, fans have assumed that Need for Speed 2022 (allegedly called Need for Speed Unbound) will be delayed until early next year. The last official word from EA is that a new NFS is coming by the end of the year but there have been no updates since early August.

But after numerous leaks and rumours, reliable EA insider Tom Henderson claims that Need for Speed 2022’s reveal is now “imminent.”

Need for Speed 2022 to be revealed within two weeks

According to Henderson via Insider Gaming, Need for Speed 2022’s long-awaited reveal will take place “within the next two weeks.”

Need for Speed Heat
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Coincidentally, Need for Speed Heat is currently on sale on Steam with a 95% discount until 11 October, likely coinciding with the reveal. There’s no exact date yet, but NFS 2022 will reportedly be revealed in early October.

Henderson claims the trailer is around one minute and 30 seconds long with a soundtrack featuring American rapper A$AP Rocky.

Early December release date

We also now have a potential Need for Speed 2022 release date. Henderson’s sources also claim NFS 2022 will be released on 2 December – less than two months after the reveal.

Henderson's sources have also confirmed rumours that NFS 2022 will be a current-gen-only title for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Need for Speed 2022 leaked screenshot
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As we’ve seen in leaked gameplay footage, NFS 2022 is expected to incorporate anime elements with fire, smoke, and flame effects appearing from the car. A leaked gameplay clip recently showed cartoon wings appearing from a car.

NFS 2022 is also expected to be heavily multiplayer-focused, with the return of Autoblog and a Meetups feature allowing people to organise races around the map and bet on racers.

It’s been a long wait, but it sounds like EA is nearly ready to show off what Criterion has been cooking up for the last three years.

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