Need For Speed: Most Wanted Might Be Getting a Remake

Ask anyone what their favourite Need for Speed game is, and there’s a good chance they’ll say Most Wanted. Originally released in 2005, Need for Speed Most Wanted is regarded as one of the best games in the series thanks to its hair-raising police pursuits, memorable open world, and iconic cars. Since then, fans have been clamouring for a modern Need for Speed Most Wanted remake.

Now, it looks like their wish is coming true.

Need for Speed Most Wanted remake seemingly confirmed on Twitter

On Twitter, Simone Bailly, who plays Sgt. Cross' partner Mia in the original game, seemingly confirmed that a Need for Speed Most Wanted remake is in development ahead of an official announcement from EA.

Need for Speed Most Wanted remake Simone Bailly Tweet
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"Need for Speed: Most Wanted Remake is being released in 2024, LIKE & comment if you want to see Cross (Dean McKenzie) & his partner (Simone Bailly) hunt down the most wanted," the voice actor wrote.

Bailly has since deleted the Tweet, suggesting the announcement was posted earlier than intended. A remake of arguably one of the best NFS games of all time with modern graphics and gameplay is certainly an exciting prospect. Her Tweet suggests the original cast are also back on board.

What could a Need for Speed Most Wanted remake look like?

If you’re wondering what a Need for Speed Most Wanted remake could look like, there are plenty of fan videos out there. This video for example shows what a remake could look like in Unreal Engine 5 featuring the iconic BMW M3 GTR cover car.

We’ll have to wait for confirmation from EA, but the Need for Speed Most Wanted remake could be announced later this year if a 2023 release is planned.

Remakes of classic games like The Last of US, Resident Evil 4 and are proving popular, so EA will be keen to capitalise on this trend after the successful Dead Space remake.

Need for Speed Most Wanted Mia
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EA has also released remastered versions of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit and Burnout Paradise. Since Most Wanted is nearly 20 years old, it sounds like this will be a full remake built from the ground up. 

Criterion also revived the Most Wanted name in 2012, but the PS3 and Xbox 360 and entry was an entirely different game. The remake will likely feature a 4K version of Rockport with you once again working your way up the Blacklist of the 15 most wanted racers.

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