Need for Speed Unbound artwork revealed with comic book art style

After EA finally teased the new Need for Speed for the first time, official artwork has appeared on EA’s official website before the game's reveal.

Need for Speed Unbound title confirmed

With the artwork, we now have official confirmation of the new NFS title. Just as rumours have suggested, the new NFS is called Need for Speed Unbound, as shown in the game’s bold new logo.

Comic book-style artwork

The colourful artwork shows a modified Mercedes-Benz 190E with exaggerated yellow speed lines, sparks coming from the wheels, and thick clouds of smoke appearing from the car.

Need for Speed Unbound artwork
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Need for Speed Unbound is listed on EA’s website under a racing game section with a link pointing to the game’s official website. Unbounded’s website isn’t live at the time of writing, so EA’s website may have been updated prematurely ahead of the game’s reveal.

Unbound’s comic book style reminds us of Capcom’s forgotten PS2 racer Auto Modellista. It seemingly confirms rumours that Need for Speed Unbound will feature anime-inspired visual effects such as fire and smoke coming off the car when drifting, jumping and crashing, combined with realistic car models and environments.

Need for Speed 2022
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It's certainly going to be a bold new direction for the series, but we’ll have to reserve judgement until we see some gameplay.

At the same time, logos for past Need for Speed games have been rebranded with green logos on Steam in the run-up to Need for Speed Unbounded imminent reveal.

Rumours suggest Need for Speed Unbound will release on 2 December. We should find out more soon when EA officially reveals the game after months of rumours and leaks.

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