Need for Speed Unbound Collectibles Map: Find every Collectible in Lakeshore City

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One of the best ways to earn money in Need for Speed Unbound is finding Collectibles. Hundreds of Collectibles are scattered around Lakeshore City including Bear Grants, Billboards, and Street Art.

These Collectibles are not easy to find, often hidden in hard-to-reach locations. If you need help finding them, our Need for Speed Unbound Collectibles map has every Collectible location in Lakeshore City.

What are Need for Speed Unbound Collectibles?

There are three types of Collectibles in Need for Speed Unbound: Bear Grants, Billboards and Street Art.

Need for Speed Unbound collectibles map
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Replacing NFS Heat’s Flamingo Collectibles are 100 Bear Champs hidden around Lakeshore City. If you see one, destroying it by driving into it will earn you a tidy $250 reward.

Billboards also return from NFS Heat and Burnout Paradise. They are usually positioned in front of ramps, but you’ll need a long run-up to generate enough speed for the jump.

There are 80 Billboards to find in NFS Unbound. Smashing a Billboard will net you a $250 reward.

Finally, Street Art graffiti can be found painted on walls around Lakeshore. When you locate them, drive up to them and press the button that appears on-screen to collect them to earn a decal.

Need for Speed Unbound Collectibles map

Once you find a Collectible, an icon will show on the map showing you’ve collected it. However, there’s no option to filter Collectibles on the map at the time of writing. This makes it tricky to hunt down all 260 collectibles in NFS Unbound.


Thankfully, to help you save time Reddit user FalkHogan has created a map of Lakeshore highlighting the locations of every Ccollectible.

Need for Speed Unbound collectibles map
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Credit: FalkHogan/Reddit

Happy hunting!

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