Need for Speed Unbound Activities Map: All Activity locations

If you need to earn money fast in Need for Speed Unbound, one of the easiest ways is completing Activities. From Drift Zones to Long Jumps, there are hundreds of Activities scattered across Lakeshore City to help you make a quick buck. Our Need for Speed Unbound Activities map will help you find them all.

What are Need for Speed Unbound Activities?

There are 200 Activities to complete in Need for Speed Unbound. Each activity is represented on the map with a purple icon and gives you a rating out of three stars.

Get the best score to earn three stars and a higher cash reward to enter Qualifier events and buy new cars. Activities can also be activated day or night.

Need for Speed Unbound Activities Map
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You'll also need to complete Activities if you want to earn every PlayStation trophy and Xbox achievement.

Drift Zones require you to drift in a designated area for as long as possible. Keeping the score multiplier going increases the number of points you earn while drifting. In total, there are 45 Drift Zones across Lakeshore.

Need for Speed Unbound Activities map
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There are also 45 Long Jumps that can be triggered day or night. The further you jump, the higher score you’ll earn so you’ll need a long run up to get the best score.

Speed Runs challenge you to record the highest speed between two cameras. There are 50 Speed Runs to find in Lakeshore City. Speed Traps on the other hand record your current speed past a camera.

Need for Speed Unbound Activities map

Finding every Activity in Need for Speed Unbound can be daunting as they only appear on the map when you discover them.

Thankfully, Reddit user Inventer89 has created a handy interactive map showing the location of every Activity.

You can find the Need for Speed Unbound Activities map below:

Need for Speed Unbound Activities Map
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You can also find every Colllectible location with our NFS Unbound Collectibles map.

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