Need for Speed Unbound Trophies and Achievements: Full Trophy and Acehievement list

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With Need for Speed Unbound fast approaching, the PS5 trophy list has been revealed.

Need for Speed Unbound trophies and achievements

Revealed via PSN Profiles, there are 42 trophies to collect including one Platinum, four Gold, eight Silver, and 29 Bronze that will keep trophy hunters busy.

As revealed by True Achievements, there are also 41 achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore.



You can unlock many of the Need for Speed Unbound trophies and achievements naturally by progressing through the story. Others require you to earn three stars in activities such as Drift Zones, Speed Traps, and Long Jumps.

You also have to achieve target scores in events, with one Silver trophy rewarded for scoring 250,000 points in a Takeover event.

Need for Speed Unbound trophy list
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In a nod to Most Wanted, there’s also a Bronze “Most Wanted” trophy for escaping 50 cop chases.

Some trophies and acehievements can only be unlocked in online multiplayer, however. For example, you’ll need to complete 25 Lakeshore online playlists and win each online playlist tier if you want the Platinum trophy.

Overall though, Need for Speed Unbound looks like a relatively easy game to Platinum on PS5.

Need for Speed Unbound trophy and achievement list


You can find the full Need for Speed Unbound trophy and achievement list below.

Name Description Trophy Gamerscore
The Need for Speed!Collect all trophiesPlatinumN/a
Found FamilyComplete the GrandGold50
Cleaning Up Collect all collectables and get 3 stars on all activitiesGold50
Untouchable Escape 50 cop chasesGold30
Mixtape Complete 25 Lakeshore Online playlists Gold40
In The Zone Get 3 stars on all Speed Run activities Silver30
Frequent Flyer Get 3 stars on all Long Jump activitiesSilver30
Catch My Drift Get 3 stars on all Drift Zone activitiesSilver30
Caught On Camera Get 3 stars on all Speed Trap activities Silver30
Serious Guap Bank $75,000 during one session Silver30
Flow Master Score 250,000 during a Takeover eventSilver50
Escape Artist Escape a Heat 5 cop chase in an A+ car Silver30
Full House Complete a Lakeshore Online playlist with 7 other players Silver30
The Bear Champ Smash all bear collectibles Bronze30
Most Wanted Escape a Heat 5 cop chase Bronze20
New Crew Complete Qualifier 1 Bronze10
Oh, It’s On Complete Qualifier 2 Bronze20
Lake Better Watch Out Complete Qualifier 3 Bronze20
Hey Lakeshore Complete the prologue Bronze10
Adbusting Break all billboard collectables Bronze30
Heaven Spot Collect all street art collectables Bronze30
Cash Money Millionaire Earn $1,000,000 in story modeBronze20
In the Flow Score 200,000 during a Takeover event Bronze20
Rebel Without a Pause Complete 30 street races in story mode Bronze30
Style it Out Complete 10 Takeover events Bronze20
Rydell’s Rydes Fully upgrade your story garageBronze30
Public Enemy Take down 5 cops within a single sessionBronze20
Untouchable Escape 50 cop chases Bronze30
Access All Areas Fully upgrade your Lakeshore Online garage Bronze30
B for My Name Win a Tier B Lakeshore Online playlist Bronze20
Bring Your A Game Win a Tier A Lakeshore Online playlist Bronze20
Teacher’s Pet Win a Tier A+ Lakeshore Online playlistBronze20
Superstar Win a Tier S Lakeshore Online playlist Bronze20
Top Billin’ Win a Tier S+ Lakeshore Online playlist Bronze20
#Blessed Own 10 vehicles in your story mode garage Bronze20
The Collector Own 10 vehicles in your Lakeshore Online garage Bronze20
Hey Speedie! Reach 200MPH in story mode Bronze20
100 Miles and Runnin’ Drive a total of 100 miles in story mode Bronze20
Throwing up Tags Customise your Driving Effects Bronze10
Fashion Killa Customise your clothing Bronze10
Cool Whip Apply a custom wrap to your rideBronze10
Kick it Use max Burst Nitrous 5 times during Lakeshore Online eventsBronze10
Drop the Beat Use max Burst Nitrous 5 times during story mode events Bronze10

Will you be hunting the Need for Speed Unbound Platinum trophy when it comes out in a couple of weeks?

Release date

As a reminder, Need for Speed Unbound races onto PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on 2 December. If you pre-order the Palace Edition, you'll get three days early access on 29 November.

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