Need for Speed Unbound gameplay clip shows off insane customisation

Following last week’s reveal, EA has released a short Need for Speed Unbound gameplay clip, giving us a first look at some of the stylish customisation options.

First look at Need for Speed Unbound customisation options

Unbounded adopts a unique art style with cartoony effects appearing from the car contrasting the realistic cars and environments. According to a new blog post, these graffiti-inspired driving effects are called Tags.

And yes, you can turn the driving effects off if you prefer. 

“We wanted to deliver an art style that matters for gameplay, one that clearly celebrates player actions, enhances the player experience, and rewards them along the way,” said Darren White, Need for Speed Unbound’s art director at Criterion Games.

“We wanted to take players to that next level in Need for Speed Unbound with our driving VFX, which we call ‘Tags.’”

Need for Speed Unbound gameplay
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Tags are gained when deploying boosts, which are earned by drifting, jumping, and narrowly avoiding traffic. These tags can be applied to cars as “customisable effects that paint the surrounding world, including illustrative lines that etch around the curves of your car.”

Street art styles from multiple artists including Sentrock and JC Riviera can also be applied to your car as wraps.

New customisation options

No Need for Speed game would be complete without extensive car customisation. Unbounded takes customisation further, with the ability to remove parts for the first time in the series.

This is demonstrated in a brief gameplay clip showing a Nissan Silvia with no roof racing against rival cars and evading police. You can also customise your car with wraps and full body kits.

Need for Speed Unbound gameplay
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Customisation also extends to your character, with clothing from fashion brands and customisable poses allowing you to express yourself.

Release date

Need for Speed Unbound races onto PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on 2 December. Pre-ordering the Palace Edition gives you early access on 29 November.

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