Need for Speed Unbound gameplay videos leak online

The Need for Speed Unbound Palace Edition isn’t out until tomorrow. But someone managed to get an early copy ahead of launch and release around an hour of unedited gameplay footage online.

Need for Speed Unbound gameplay videos leak online

Despite the Palace Edition releasing tomorrow, influencers and games media aren’t getting early access to NFS Unbound until the Palace Edition launches tomorrow. But that didn’t stop someone from getting an early copy and leaking gameplay footage online.

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As reported by Insider Gaming, the videos uploaded on YouTube channel Mr Carrot are taken from a Twitch livestream broadcast showing around an hour of gameplay.

Since the digital Palace Edition doesn’t unlock until tomorrow, the leaked gameplay footage appears to be taken from a retail disc copy that was sent early.

EA responds to Need for Speed Unbound leaks

EA has been removing duplicates of the videos from YouTube for copyright infringement.

Strangely, however, Mr Carrot’s videos are still live at the time of writing. One of them is ironically titled “Totally NOT need for speed unbound. DO NOT LOOK EA THIS IS NOT NFS UNBOUND!!”

EA has officially responded to the leaks on Twitter, saying: “We know you’re excited for launch – so are we! If you got your Need for Speed Unbound disc early, please be considerate of your fellow players and don't post spoilers.”

This comes after EA apologised for the Need for Speed Twitter account insulting a fan and calling them a “milkshake brain.”

Recorded off-screen, the first video shows the car selection menu, customisation options, and the player driving around Lakeshore City in a Volkswagen Beetle, which appears to be one of the starter cars.

Need for Speed Unbound
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Another longer video shows a story mission featuring a Lamborghini Countach in a high-speed police chase.

Release date

Officially, the standard retail version of Need for Speed Unbound releases on 2 December for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. Players who preorder the Palace Edition can access the game three days early on 29 November.

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