Need for Speed Unbound speed glitch gives you extra gears

Need for Speed Unbound speed glitch gives you extra gears

Need for Speed Unbound speed glitch gives you extra gears

Need for Speed Unbound’s first post-launch update rolled out yesterday, and it was underwhelming to say the least. The small patch nerfed a few cars but there were no improvements or no new content.

EA revealed it will share details on DLC plans in March, but that’s not much consolation considering the multiplayer is still missing core modes.

While the update reduces the speed of some cars, it also adds new game-breaking speed exploit.

Need for Speed Unbound speed glitch gives you extra gears

As discovered by Cornnut Racing Crew's Alex Cornnut, if you have a Logitech G923 or G29 and a Logitech Driving Force gear shifter, you can get extra gears in any car - regardless of how many gears the transmission has.

With this exploit, you can increase the top speed of B-class cars by equipping five-speed transmissions. The gear shifter only allows you to shift up to fifth gear, but using the paddles lets can shift into higher sixth, seventh, and even eighth gears.

In B-Class the Ferrari 488 Pista, for example, has a listed top speed of 126 mph when equipped with a five-speed transmission. With a seven-speed transmission installed, the supercar has a 177-mph top speed.

Need for Speed Unbound speed glitch
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But with this exploit, the Pista reaches over 200 mph in eighth gear – even though there is no eighth gear upgrade option. In theory, this exploit works with any car but results will vary.

Since it obviously gives Logitech wheel owners an unfair advantage in online races, so this glitch will likely be removed in a future update.  

Need for Speed Unbound
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How to race Ferrari 488 Pista in B-Class

That said, there’s another speed exploit that wasn’t fixed in this week’s patch update, much to the surprise of the community.

Even if you don’t own a Logitech wheel, a glitch lets you can enter the Ferrari 488 Pista in B-class races by installing the 563 HP 5.5l V8 and upgrading all parts. This cranks up the horsepower to 952 hp, yet the 488 Pista is still eligible to enter B-class races at the time of writing. 

Now that the game has been out for nearly two months, fans were also hoping for the multiplayer cap and cash payouts to increase but were left disappointed.

Hopefully, this isn’t a sign that Unbound will suffer the same fate as Heat when it comes to post-release support.

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