Need for Speed Unbound Vol. 7 Brings Back Classic NFS Underground Game Modes

Need for Speed Unbound Vol. 7
Credit: EA / Criterion

Need for Speed Unbound Vol. 7
Credit: EA / Criterion

Nearly two years after its release, Criterion is still supporting Need for Speed Unbound, with new Volume updates adding new cars, events, and gameplay improvements.

The new Vol.7 update has arrived, and with it comes the return of a classic game mode from a fan-favorite Need for Speed.

Drift and Drag modes return to Need for Speed

Need for Speed Unbound Volume 7 takes heavy inspiration from both Underground and Underground 2 from the early 2000s. The fan-favorite Drift & Drag modes are making a comeback along with an Underground-inspired League progression system.

Drift Mode elevates players' street racing experience. This mode is tailor-made for those who prefer to get sideways around corners rather than stick to the racing line.

The best cars for drifting will thrive here, thanks to next-level control and deeper levels of drift mastery.

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Credit: EA / Criterion

As for Drag Mode, this brings a fresh approach to competition away from the circuits.

This is one of the purest forms of street racing, where the thrill comes from manual gear shifts, strategic lane changes to dodge obstacles and perfectly timed nitrous boosts.

Drag events support up to four players in online multiplayer, where the sharpest driver is more important than their ride.

Playlists for both Drift and Drag mode have been added to PVP and Free Roam.

League mode inspired by Underground

The League revives the competitive spirit of Underground by offering a richer solo player experience in Free Roam. Unbound's Vol.7 update adds the ability to challenge rivals to head-to-head battles for a chance to win their unique rides.

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Credit: EA / Codemasters

This feature harkens back to the pink slip events that many fans loved playing a couple of decades ago.

There's also a new community challenge that requires a collaborative effort to unlock the final boss and claim a new custom.

With rivals showing up regularly and new leagues on the way, there's no better time than now to dive into this and become a street racing legend.

New cars

In addition, Vol .7 adds several new rides to Need for Speed Unbound's car list including the fully customizable Ford Mustang Dark Horse ‘24 and BMW M3 Competition Touring ‘23.

Keeping the Underground theme are new themed PVP playlists starring Eddie's Skyline and Rachel's 350Z. Premium Speed Pass owners can also unlock Melissa's Mitsubishi Eclipse.

Need For Speed Unbound Vol. 7 Mitsubishi Eclipse
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Credit: EA / Criterion

A new volume means a new Speed Pass, which brings 45 tiers of unlockable customization options.

Multiple body kits for the BMW M3 Competition Touring ‘23 and XP Boosts can be unlocked, which will accelerate Rank and Speed Pass progression.

Need for Speed Unbound's Vol.7 update is available to download now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Will you be taking Need for Speed Unbound's Vol.7 update for a spin? Let us know in the comments below!

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