The lack of true Gameplay for Need for Speed Unbound is Concerning

Need for Speed Unbound concerning

Need for Speed Unbound concerning

Need for Speed Unbound's concerning lack of unedited gameplay has us worried. NFS Unbound releases soon, and despite multiple trailers, we haven't seen any true gameplay yet.

So, why is this? And what could it mean for Unbound? We've got everything you need to know right here!

Need for Speed Unbound is concerning us

The new Need for Speed game has been a long time coming. When NFS Unbound launches before the end of the year, it'll be over three years since Heat was released in 2019.

Need for Speed Unbound
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That's the biggest gap between NFS games in the series' modern history. Not without good reason, but it's not exactly confidence-inspiring either.

What have we seen so far?

We've seen three trailers so far since Need for Speed Unbound was revealed in October. These are highly edited and stylised trailers, as initial trailers should be.

It's similar to movies and TV shows, as these get trailers to show off some of the highlights of their feature.

Need for Speed Unbound
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Video games are slightly different though, because the best of these can be shown without giving away plot details. In fact, we have no idea what the plot is regarding.

We've seen plenty of A$AP Rocky, as Criterion and EA are attempting to shoehorn him into every trailer and seemingly every cut-scene within the game.

Recycled gameplay?

We've already questioned whether Unbound is effectively a sequel to Heat. We've also listed features and issues from Heat that we want NFS Unbound to drop.

So far, we haven't seen much that definitively proves that any of these have been dropped, but that could change, of course.

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So, when it comes to Need for Speed, there's no reason why we can't see a longer gameplay trailer for us to check out. Heat, for example, got a nearly four-minute trailer two months before it came out.

There's no way that Unbound's gameplay trailer will be anything like the game we'll experience in December.

There isn't much chance that NFS Unbound isn't ready, EA wouldn't have confirmed Unbound if it wasn't. The fear though, is very real, as unless we get a new trailer that shows true, and uncut gameplay before launch day, it could be a very bad sign of things to come.

However, if the next trailer shows some true gameplay and it looks good, then we'll be in good shape going into release date.

What we're feeling positive about

It's easy to get bogged down in the negatives, so let's talk about what we're hyped for in Unbound. The customisation looks to be one of the most comprehensive systems we've ever seen in NFS.

Need for Speed Unbound
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We also like the new art style and the size of the game's map is impressive. Moreover, Unbound looks as though it's taking NFS in a bold new direction but whether this will work out or not is anybody's guess.

NFS Unbound Takeover Trailer

If you haven't seen the latest Need for Speed Unbound trailer, it reveals a new game mode. This is Takeover and it looks both exciting and challenging:

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