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Art of Rally creator teases possible new F1 game

Art of Rally is one of our favourite indie racers. Created by Dune Casu of Funselektor, the top-down game is a love letter to rallying, with cars inspired by real-life models from multiple eras of rallying, stylish visuals, and a soothing soundtrack. Now, Funselektor is teasing its next game – and it could be an F1 track racer.

Is Funselektor making an F1 game?

After covering the art of driving sideways in Absolute Drift (which randomly came up as a question in an episode of the UK quiz show The Chase recently) and rallying in Art of Rally, it appears that Funselektor’s next game will be a circuit racing game.

Funselektor F1 game teaser
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On Twitter, Funselektor teased its next game for the first time, revealing concept art showing the outline of a circuit track inspired by Australia’s Albert Park circuit complete with a pit lane. Could this be an F1 game with the art style of Art of Rally? Sign us up.

Replying to a fan on Twitter, Fanselektor confirmed the next project is “not a 3D game” but “that is all we can say.” Presumably, it will be a top-down isometric game like Absolute Drift and Art of Rally.

Art of Rally ending teases track racing sequel

Warning: spoilers are ahead if you haven’t completed Art of Rally and don’t want to spoil the ending.

Art of Rally’s ending contains an easter egg hinting at a sequel. After completing the lengthy campaign, a giant Buddha pops out from the ground and congratulates you for completing the game with the following message:

“The last time we saw each other you drive into trees, instead of around them. This may have been a long and challenging journey but nothing worth doing is ever easy. With my little Buddah hands, I grant you the title: Master of rally.”

Art of Rally
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“This may seem like the end. But perhaps it’s only the beginning. Perhaps one day you will master the perfect lap.”

This hints at a sequel switching from dirt to tarmac racing. However, development seems to be at an early stage. Funselektor is also a small team, so we may have to wait several years for Art of Rally’s circuit racing sequel.

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