Crazy Taxi Reboot Will Take the Series in a Bold New Direction

a yellow and blue taxi cab is driving down a city street .

a yellow and blue taxi cab is driving down a city street .

Crazy Taxi was a staple of arcades in the 2000s, but the series has been dormant for nearly a decade. But then, out of nowhere, Sega surprised everyone at last year’s Game Announcement when it announced that a Crazy Taxi reboot was in the works.

Following the short gameplay teaser, new details on the Crazy Taxi reboot have emerged, confirming that Sega is taking the series in a new direction.

Crazy Taxi reboot will be a “massively multiplayer driving game”

In a new recruitment video from Sega, producer Kenji Kanno announces that the Crazy Taxi reboot will let players “experience all kinds of exciting driving experiences” and “have fun with a variety of people instead of just playing alone.”

Another developer adds that the Crazy Taxi reboot is designed as a “multiplayer game” rather than a “solo game.” As spotted by VGC, job listings emphasize that the Crazy Taxi reboot will be a "massively multiplayer" driving game and a “major online title,” implying that players will compete with other drivers online in a shared world. The job listings also confirm it will run on Unreal Engine.

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Sega’s video seemingly corroborates rumors that the rebooted Crazy Taxi will be a live-service multiplayer game with live events. No game modes were confirmed, but the reboot reportedly features a chaotic survival mode for up to 100 players.

According to the video, the reboot will take place in a “very realistic” inspired by the West Coast with a “theme park-like atmosphere.” A designer says the realistic art direction will “emphasize the feeling of freedom” as players drive around freely, looking for fares to pick up and drop off at their destination as fast as possible.

While Sega rebooting Crazy Taxi is an exciting prospect, development is at an early stage, so don't expect this taxi to arrive on time.

Sega is experimenting with ideas and hiring programmers to develop the multiplayer component, so the release is likely several years away. Rumors even suggest it won’t arrive until 2027 and will be a launch title for the Nintendo Switch’s successor. If that’s true, we’ll be playing GTA 6 before the Crazy Taxi reboot.

Sega’s new Sapporo Studio is developing the Crazy Taxi reboot. Sega has high hopes for the reboot, previously referring to it as a triple-a title. It will be the first mainline game since 2002's Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller.

This isn’t the only new Crazy Taxi game fans can look forward to either, as a remake of the original is reportedly in the works.

What do you think about Crazy Taxi being rebooted as a multiplayer live-service game? Let us know in the comments below.

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