Drag Racing Debuts in GTA Online

Drag Racing Debuts in GTA Online

Drag Racing Debuts in GTA Online

GTA Online’s racing continues to expand with the introduction of drag races in the latest Chop Shop weekly update. After mastering the art of precision drifting, GTA Online’s new drag races will test player’s precision shifting skills.

Burn rubber in GTA Online drag races

Introduced in the latest weekly Chop Shop update, drag racing is a new game mode in GTA Online. Drag races start with players holding down the accelerator to warm up their tyres in a burnout.

Staying in the blue zone gives you a better burnout and more traction off the line. As you build speed, you have to shift gears at the optimum time in the blue zone to optimise speed.

GTA Online drag race
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Rather than purpose-built drag strips, GTA Online’s drag races take place on city streets Fast & Furious-style. That means you’ll need to dodge traffic and avoid collisions while changing gears. Notably, this is the first time it’s been possible to shift gears manually in a Grand Theft Auto game.

However, you can’t change gears manually when driving outside of drag races. It’s a shame because this would make cruising around Los Santos more involving.

A limited supply of nitrous is also supplied during Drag Races. A well-timed nitrous boost will see you speed to victory.   

GTA Online drag race
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How to start a drag race in GTA Online

To enter drag racing events, you need to visit the Los Santos Car Meet and use the race organiser. Alternatively, you can start a drag race by opening your in-game phone, selecting Quick Join > Series Modes > Drag Race Series.

GTA Online’s latest Chop Shop update adds six Drag Race series events:

  • Bluff It
  • Playing Chicken
  • Drag It Out
  • Natural Highs
  • Make the Pass
  • Kickin’ Sand
  • High n Dry

Drag racing comes to GTA Online after the Chop Shop update introduced drifting racing last December, bringing more ways to race online in Los Santos.

GTA Online’s frequent updates will hopefully keep players busy until Grand Theft Auto VI arrives in 2025. In the meantime, you can check out the confirmed GTA 6 car list so far.

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