Expeditions: A MudRunner Game Update 2 Adds Free Truck

Expeditions: A MudRunner Game Update 2 Patch Notes

Expeditions: A MudRunner Game Update 2 Patch Notes

A few weeks after launch, Expeditions: A MudRunner Game has received a new update. Out now on PC, Expeditions’ second update adds a new free truck along with numerous quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes. Let’s examine the patch notes to see what’s changed.

Expeditions: A MudRunner Game Update 2 out now on PC

Headlining update 2 is a new truck to help you conquer the wilderness in Expedition’s three expansive maps. Free for all PC players, the Scout 800 comes with a unique skin.

Expeditions update 2
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In addition, the tyre inflation system controls have changed, allowing you to press the Esc button to accept or exit the window. Elsewhere, the vehicle landing outpost limit has increased from two to four.

Update 2 also improves the in-game map. Now, the Map will automatically focus on your current truck for convenience. A time skip button has also been added.

Expeditions update 2
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Currently, Update 2 is only available for PC players, but these changes will be added to the console versions as part of a bigger update in April.

For more details, check out the full Expeditions: A MudRunner Game Update 2 patch notes below.


  • Added a pop up that warns the player about resetting progress of side activities before leaving an expedition
  • Changed controls for the Tire inflation system - to accept or exit from this window, use the 'Esc' button
  • All outposts have been given a vehicle landing limit of 4 (previously it was 2)
  • The bug making cars fall into the rock while using the Jack-Screw has been fixed
  • Currency is awarded for selling non-quest items from inventory
  • The fake zone in the expedition “A Day in the Life” now displays correctly
  • It is now possible to complete the quest “Air Delivery”
  • Controls in the Tutorial work properly after skipping the Echo sounder stage
  • The Drone Camera’s signal changes depending on the currently used specialist
  • Frame modules are saved after re-entering the game
  • Fixed the Metal detector that indicated an non-existent upgrade zones


  • The Map automatically focuses on an active truck right after being opened
  • A Time skip button has been added to the Map
  • The icon is displayed for Eastern outpost on Elusive Fauna map
  • The Summary window shows prices of all item for sale before leaving expeditions
  • The icons of the base modules are now centered


  • The Scout 800 has been added as a free truck with a unique skin
  • Free skins have been added for ANK, YAR and Khan Marshall
  • Added vanilla skin for Tuz 108 which is unlocked for PROS registration
  • Fixed the bug that allowed the sale of previously sold tyres
  • Changed price of default wheels to 0 credits in order to prevent abuse in the in-game economy
  • Stones no longer get stuck to the Loadstar 1700’s suspensions


  • Added descriptions for modules in the Modules window
  • Added Czech localization on PROS screens in the Main Menu
  • Fixed the descriptions of the “Altar” quest


  • Improved honk sounds for trucks Tuz 16, Tatra Force, Step 310E, Loadstar 1700, Don 71
  • Improved sounds of sliders and clicks in the Photomode
  • The sounds when the water and a truck interact have been adjusted

Mod support:

  • The navigation buttons work correctly when there are no mods available in the Mod browser

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