F1 2021: New PC patch released by Codemasters

With the start of the 2022 Formula 1 season now just a few weeks away, we shouldn’t have to wait much longer for F1 2022 to be revealed. In the meantime, Codemasters is still supporting F1 2021 with updates, adding new content and improving performance.

Following last week’s 1.16 patch that updated the safety car penalties, fixed online issues, and improved stability, the latest update is out now for PC players.

What does F1 2021’s latest PC patch bring? Let’s find out.

Improved PC stability

Available to download now, this is a small update that improves the game's stability on PC.

Some players are still reporting game crashes and disruptive errors in the PC version, so this update will hopefully address these issues and improve the experience for PC players.

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Some F1 2021 players have reported game crashes and errors in the PC version

If you’re still having issues, Codemasters has some helpful troubleshooting tips for PC users. You can find the patch notes and troubleshooting tips below.

F1 2021 PC update 1.16.852849 patch notes

  • Improvements to PC stability.
  • If you're still running into issues with stability on your PC, there are a number of additional troubleshooting steps you can take:
  • Delete the contents of xxx\Documents\my games\F1 2021\hardwaresettings before loading into the game.
  • Verify integrity of game cache.
  • Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date.
  • If things still aren't working as they should, please let us know in the Steam forums.

When will F1 2022 be revealed?

We're still waiting for Codemasters to reveal F1 2022. Traditionally, Codemasters' F1 games are announced around April and release in July, and we expect F1 2022 to continue this tradition.

With redesigned cars and new rules and regulations in the real-life season, F1 2022 will be the start of an exciting new era for Codemasters' F1 games.

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