FR X-22 hybrid single seater arrives in RaceRoom with over 1,000 HP

After weeks of teasers, the Formula FR X-22 has arrived in RaceRoom Racing Experience.

Dubbed as the “new benchmark in Open-Wheel Racing,” the fictional race car is inspired by modern single-seater cars like those in F1 22, with an elegant and aerodynamic design.

FRX-22 single seater arrives in RaceRoom

RaceRoom’s new FR X-22 packs a 1.6-litre, V6 turbo hybrid engine. With an electric motor delivering extra power, this setup produces a combined 1,050 horsepower.

RaceRoom FR X-22
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The fully simulated hybrid system runs on a battery that charges while driving, with the battery status displayed as a blue bar on the steering wheel and in-game HUD.

You’ll know when the system is harvesting energy because the rear light will blink red. The regeneration and discharge rate affecting how quickly energy is charged and how much of it is deployed can also be changed in different MGU-K modes.

An overtake button pushes the MGU-K into its highest mode to maximise performance for an overtake, but this drains the battery faster. There’s also a DRS system that can be activated three times per lap and an option to make the halo transparent to improve visibility.

RaceRoom FR X-22
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The FR X-22 also comes with soft, medium, and hard tyre compounds.


With these specs, the FR X-22 looks like a worthy replacement for the FR X-17. The FR X-22 is available to buy at the online RaceRoom store for 3.42/$3.97 with 47 national liveries sold separately. You can also buy a bundle that includes the FR X-22 and every livery for £6.67/$7.76.

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