GRID Legends Enduring Spirit DLC adds four new cars and Fuji International Speedway

GRID Legends continues to expand, with a new DLC expansion adding four new cars, Fuji International Speedway, and endurance racing.

Multi-Class Endurance events racing return to GRID

After the Classic Car-Nage Pack brought demolition derby to GRID Legends, the second DLC expansion focuses on endurance racing.

GRID Legends Enduring Spirit DLC
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Multi-Class Endurance events return in the GRID Legends Enduring Spirit DLC, with eight story events starring Seneca Racing’s Lara Carvalho and Yume Tanaka.

These races are longer and feature up to five race classes battling it out. Compared to the staggered starts of Multi-Class Races, your goal is to win in your individual class.

GRID Legends Enduring Spirit DLC
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Also included in the DLC is Fuji International Speedway, with the Japanese circuit making its GRID game debut with four challenging routes.

Four new cars

As well as the new story events, Fuji, and Multi-Class Endurance events, there are also four new cars: Mazda Autozam AZ-1 Mazdaspeed, Bentley Continental GT3, Bentley Speed 8, and the BMW V12 LMR.

GRID Legends Enduring Spirit DLC
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In addition, there are also three new career events, two new Race Creator routes allowing for ramps at Dubai and Barcelona as well as Boost Gates at Okutama GP, and new achievements/trophies, liveries, icons, and banners.

The GRID Legends Enduring Spirit DLC is available as part of the Deluxe Edition or can be purchased separately.

GRID Legends Update 4.0 Patch Notes

Coinciding with the DLC is a new patch update, which adds the aforementioned content along with bug fixes. You can find more details in the GRID Legends update v4.0 patch notes below.


  • An issue that resulted in players not given control of their vehicle in Multi-Class events has been fixed
  • Ghosted vehicles after resetting to track no longer have full collision in Classic Car-Nage events
  • Several errors that caused unexpected behaviours across a handful of circuits have been amended


  • An issue with the host re-joining a session which immediately ended the next race has been resolved

Driven to Glory & Career

  • Several fixes have been made pertaining to the completion of Objectives, event unlocking criteria


  • Multiple minor UI fixes have been made throughout the game
  • Several stability adjustments have been made, reducing the frequency of game crashes


  • Several translation and localisation tweaks have been made, as well as the removal of some debug strings
  • A handful of placeholder voice lines have been removed

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