GRID Legends Winter Bash DLC adds 3 new cars including the Bugatti Bolide

The fourth and final GRID Legends DLC pack has arrived, with the Winter Bash expansion adding new cars, Driven to Glory story chapters, and new point-to-point drift routes.

GRID Legends Winter Bash DLC out now

Across eight new Driven to Glory story chapters, the winter-themed DLC sees GRID Legends protagonist Valentin Manzi tackle five new Okutama Sprint routes, with snowy conditions spicing up the racing.

Also included in the expansion are 45 updated Race Creator routes allowing for boost gates and ramps.

Bugatti Bolide makes console racing game debut

Three new cars join the roster, with the formidable Bugatti Bolide teased by Codemasters last week making its console video game debut in GRID Legends.

GRID Legends Winter Bash Bugatti Bolide
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An experimental track-only concept, the Bolide is the fastest car Bugatti has ever built, with 1,824 hp on tap. The Bolide seems a bit out of place in a snow-themed update, but we’re not complaining.

As well as the Bolide, the SRT Viper GTS-R returns as a Drift Tuned along with the BMW 2002 TII Race Car. New sponsored Career Events, liveries and customisation banners are also included in the pack along with ten new trophies and achievements to unlock.

GRID Legends Winter Bash cars Bugatti Bolide BMW 2002 TII Race Car SRT Viper GTS-R
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Available as part of the GRID Legends Deluxe Edition or purchasable separately, Winter Bash follows the Rise of Ravenwest, Enduring Spirit, and Classic Car-Nage DLC expansions.

GRID Legends update v6.0 patch notes

Coinciding with the Winter Bash expansion is a new patch update with bug fixes and new community-requested features.

These include an option to change the visual style to mimic 2002’s TOCA Race Driver and the original 2008 Race Driver GRID. These effects were first seen in the Rise of Ravenwest story campaign, but can now be applied at any time.

Here are the GRID Legends update v6.0 patch notes:


  • A chosen Custom Team Name now displays correctly in the race introduction screen
  • Players now have the ability to rotate the camera left or right using a keyboard/wheel in Photo Mode
  • A resolution glitch in Photo Mode no longer occurs where a certain number of drivers are in a race
  • The aspect ratio of the screen no longer changes while panning the camera in Photo Mode
  • Flashback no longer causes black bars to remain if using an ultrawide screen (PC)
  • Several sponsor/objective progression bugs have been fixed
  • Track limit violations now apply correctly in Elimination races
  • The BMW 320 Turbo Group 5 RPM tachometer now displays correctly
  • Retiring from Endurance races no longer registers the player finishing in that position
  • Rubber deposits on Sepang/Brands Hatch no longer phase in/out


  • Creating an Online session no longer causes your Offline difficulty setting to change to that off the Online lobby
  • Re-joining a session no longer can have the player take control of a vehicle out of world
  • Using ‘Previous Grid Order’ or ‘Previous Grid Order Reversed’ no longer scrambles the grid order
  • If a user DNFs in a Circuit Race, the event will now conclude correctly
  • After a host leaves a session during a race countdown, the next session no longer starts immediately after being created
  • Race invites from EA App now work correctly between Origin and EA App
  • Loading out of session no longer causes the Player Lobby to display an empty session
  • Friends no longer appear Offline when they are Online
  • Livery and Clean & Respray options are now available when in an Online Career lobby
  • Several event rewards have been adjusted to give out correct items
  • Gaining control of a vehicle before the host in a Multi-Class race will no longer cause the user to see themselves as the host
  • Lobby countdown no longer stop when the host leaves and rejoins the same session
  • Players can now progress past selecting a vehicle if the lobby countdown is cancelled when changing a vehicle

Driven to Glory

  • Excessive corner cutting in Episode 1 now correctly applies penalties
  • The ‘Story Events Completed’ indicator now counts those from the DLC
  • Objective ‘3rd or Higher in your Class’ for an event in Enduring Spirit is now correctly unlocked
  • The camera is no longer blocked in ‘Expensive Elimination’ & ‘McKane vs. McKane’


  • AI Nemesis states should no longer be permanent across different races
    • Nemesis state now correctly deteriorates as races progress. If a Nemesis is not antagonised during the closing stages of the race, there is a good (60%) chance they will not be Nemesis in the next race
  • Nemesis states no longer apply during Dynamic Events
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  • AI no longer drive slower once the time is up in Endurance races
  • Rival and Nemesis states now show correctly both in-game and post-race
  • Drift smoke now shows correctly (PS5)
  • 'Profile level' now shows as completed when reaching max level
  • Actual results are now matched with what is shown on the leaderboard
  • Several tweaks to camera behaviour during and outside of races have been made
  • Several UI fixes and improvements have been made throughout the game
  • Several stability adjustments have been made, reducing the frequency of game crashes
  • Several visual improvements have been made throughout the game to tracks and environments


  • The trophy “For the Time Extended Crew” now unlocks correctly
  • The trophy “Need for Speed” now unlocks consistently
  • The trophies “Ace Driving” and “Misty-Eyed” now unlock correctly


  • Fixed an issue that caused audio stuttering when using USB audio devices
  • Scripted audio events now take flashbacks into account
  • “Your teammate has crashed” line no longer triggers incorrectly
  • “Keep climbing places” line no longer triggers incorrectly
  • Monologues of Ryan and the commentator no longer overlap during DLC 2’s ‘Brotherly Battle’
  • The soundtrack is no longer boosted at the moment it loops
  • Voiceover for car disqualifications now triggers correctly
  • The player is no longer congratulated on the voiceover for failing Event 4 in DLC 2
  • Undamaged cars no longer have a damaged engine rattle sound
  • Several text and translation errors have been resolved

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