Horizon Chase 2 announced for Apple Arcade

Horizon Chase 2

Horizon Chase 2

Launched on iOS in 2015, Horizon Chase - World Tour is a love letter to classic 16-bit arcade racers like OutRun and Top Gear. Critically acclaimed, the retro-style racer has been downloaded over 80 million times and was re-released as Horizon Chase Turbo on PC and consoles in 2018.

As the arcade racer reaches its seventh anniversary this month, Aquiris Game Studio has announced Horizon Chase is getting a direct sequel after numerous expansions and updates.

Horizon Chase 2 coming to Apple Arcade

Horizon Chase 2 will launch exclusively on Apple Arcade in September, with PC and console versions to follow in 2023.

Horizon Chase 2
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Horizon Chase 2 will feature a new World Tour, with 55 tracks set in five countries. Confirmed locations shown in the trailer include Bangkok, Amazon, Fint Oasis, and Alberobello. Delivering a thrilling sense of speed, the action is presented in a colourful 3D art style with enhanced, more detailed graphics.

Ten cars will be available initially, but we expect the garage to grow in future updates. Cars can also be customised with cosmetic items and mechanical upgrades.

Top Gear soundtrack composer Barry Leitch also returned to compose a new soundtrack for Horizon Chase 2. In response to player feedback, every game mode will support online multiplayer this time.

"Our main focus during the development of Horizon Chase 2 was listening to the players’ feedback about the first game," said Lead Game Designer Matheus Cunegato.

"The community has been supporting us for more than 7 years, and their love for the franchise deserves a new game implementing as many of their requested improvements and changes as possible, as well as adding new features that our team was eager to create."

Horizon Chase 2
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To keep the experience fresh and engaging, new challenges will be available in the Playground Mode every two days, while the Tournament Mode will challenge players in modified races from the World Tour mode.

Release date

Horizon Chase 2 is speeding onto Apple Arcade on 9 September. For now, the arcade racer sequel is exclusive to Apple Arcade so it won’t be available on Android. After the Apple Arcade, it will arrive on consoles and PC in 2023.

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