Horizon Chase Golden Japan DLC adds nine new tracks and Initial D-inspired car

From Slipstream to Formula Retro Racing, retro-inspired indie racers are flooding the market right now. Launched in 2015, Horizon Chase from Brazilian developer Aquiris Game Studio started this craze.

With its vibrant visuals and thrilling arcade racing, Horizon Chase is a modern take on 16-bit racing games like Top Gear on the SNES. Its success resulted in a console port in 2018 with the release of Horizon Chase Turbo.

But seven years after it launched, Aquiris is still supporting the original mobile version with new content such as the excellent Senna Forever expansion.

Following the China Spirit DLC released in January, the latest Horizon Chase DLC pack celebrates Japan’s Golden Week holiday with nine themed tracks and a new car.

Nine new tracks

Available to download on iOS and Android devices, the Golden Japan DLC adds nine tracks set in Japan taking you on a tour of Japanese architecture, colourful gardens, and picturesque landscapes.

Horizon Chase Golden Japan DLC screenshot
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The Horizon Chase Golden Japan DLC takes you on a tour of Japan in nine new tracks

Three tracks take you through Tokyo, while two are set in Kyoto. Another three tracks are based in Iya Valley and one is in Sapporo.

New Initial D-inspired car

Not only are there nine new tracks to explore, but the DLC also has a new Japanese car. Named after the Initial D theme song, the Déjà Vu car is fast and easy to drive, making it ideal for novice players new to Horizon Chase.

In keeping with the Initial D theme, the Déjà Vu is clearly inspired by the iconic Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86, the hero car in the popular anime series. Finishing the campaign also unlocks a four skins for the Déjà Vu car.

Horizon Chase Golden Japan DLC Déjà Vu car
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Horizon Chase's Déjà Vu car is heavily inspired by the Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86

The Horizon Chase Golden Japan DLC is out now on iOS, Huawei and Android mobile devices for £0.79/$0.99/€0.99. During launch week, Golden Japan is being sold with a 50 percent discount.

Sadly, there’s no word yet if the China Spirit or Golden Japan DLC packs are coming to Horizon Chase Turbo on PC and consoles.

However, considering that the Senna Forever Expansion was ported to Horizon Chase Turbo, we're hopeful the remaining DLCs will get a wider release.

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