Hot Wheels Unleashed launches Jurassic World Racing Season

To celebrate Jurassic World Dominion roaring into theatres, new Jurassic World-themed content has landed in the latest Hot Wheels Unleashed season.

Jurassic World Racing Season

By completing unique challenges created for the season, players can unlock free and premium content inspired by Jurassic World.

Six dinosaur-themed cars are included in the Jurassic World Racing Season: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor Blue, Stegosaurus, Mosasaurus, Triceratops, and Tyrannosaurus Rex Monster Truck.

Hot Wheels Jurassic World Racing Season
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Six dinosaur-themed cars roar into Hot Wheels Unleashed in the latest season.

In addition, there are also themed customisation items for the Basement and Player Profile to earn along with gears and coins.

The Hot Wheels Jurassic World Racing Season will run from 16 June – 30 August.

Looney Tunes expansion

That’s not all folks, because a Looney Tunes Expansion is also out now. Available as part of the Hot Wheels Pass Vol. m five classic Looney Tunes characters are immortalised as Hot Wheels cars including Roadrunner and Foghorn Leghorn.

Hot Wheels Unleashed Looney Tunes Expansion
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The Hot Wheels Unleashed Looney Tunes Expansion is also out now.

It also includes a new themed Track Builder Module, themed Basement and Player Profile customisation items, and a new Looney Tunes Adventure Park environment. This new environment is split into four areas based on scenes from the animated series. While the Looney Tunes Expansion is included in Hot Wheels Pass Vol. 3, it will also be available to purchase separately from 14 July.

Hot Wheels Pass Vol. 3

As well as the Looney Tunes expansion, Hot Wheels Pass Vol. 3 includes nine cars: TMNT Donatello, He-Man, The Mystery Machine, TMNT Shredder, Skeletor, Swamp Thing, The Jetsons, Classic Packard and McLaren 720S.

Also included are three themed customisation packs (Cyberpunk, Retro Game and Hot Rod) and three Track Builder modules (Jumping Towers, Zero Gravity Checkpoint and Super Dealership).

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