Hot Wheels Unleashed Super Heroes Racing Season adds 6 new cars

After last week’s content update brought the McLaren Senna to Hot Wheels Unleashed, the latest Season is now live.

Starting now and ending 14 June, the Hot Wheels Unleashed Super Heroes Racing Season lets you unlock new free and premium content by completing themed challenges that test your skills.

DC Super Heroes Racing Season

Whereas the last Season was themed around Spongebob Square Pants, the DC Super Heroes Racing Season adds six cars inspired by iconic DC comic book heroes:

• The Flash

• Supergirl

• Aquaman

• Cyborg

• Nightwing

• Shazam

Hot Wheels Unleashed DC Super Heroes Racing Season
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Six superhero-themed cars can be unlocked in the latest Hot Wheels Season

In case you’re wondering why there are no Batman-themed cars, the Batmobile is already available in Hot Wheels Unleashed. There is also a separate Batman Expansion with six-themed cars and customisation items.

New customisation items

In addition, the 12 DC-themed customisation items can be unlocked to use in your Basement.

• 3 walls

• 2 floors

• 2 doors

• 2 decorations

• 2 posters

• 1 set of 4 posters

There are also three elements for your Unleashed Profile to earn:

• 1 icon

• 1 tag

• 1 background

Hot Wheels Unleashed DC Super Heroes Season
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The DC Super Heroes Season runs until 14 June

The superhero-themed cars and cosmetic items can be earned by completing Season specific challenges. Alternatively, the DC Super Heroes Racing Season can be purchased as DLC for £4.99 until 9 June. However, the DLC is not included in any Hot Wheels Pass.

Looking ahead, Hot Wheels Unleashed fans can also look forward to the Monster Truck Expansion in April. Available on 21 April, the expansion will feature five new vehicles, a themed Track Builder Module and customisation items, and new locations including a jungle, quarry, desert, and ice mountain.

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