LEGO 2K Drive Will be Free for PS Plus Subscribers in December

LEGO 2K Drive Will be Free for PS Plus Subscribers in December

LEGO 2K Drive Will be Free for PS Plus Subscribers in December

Sony has revealed 2023's final PlayStation Plus Monthly Games lineup and racing fans are in for a treat. Headlining the PlayStation Plus free monthly games for December is LEGO 2K Drive. This means the Lego racer will be free to play for PlayStation Plus Essential subscribers during the festive period for a limited time.

LEGO2K Drive leads PlayStation Plus Monthly Games lineup for December

From 5 December 2023 until 1 January 2024, PlayStation Plus subscribers can download and play LEGO 2K Drive for free. This offer is only available for four weeks, so don’t miss out.

Once downloaded, LEGO 2K Drive will remain in your games library and be available to play if you keep your PlayStation Plus subscription. It’s the perfect family-friendly racer to play during the festive period, so the timing couldn’t be better. 

Lego 2K Drive
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Released in May, LEGO 2K Drive sees you explore Bricklandia, an open world with fully destructible environments. A story mode features quirky characters and LEGO’s signature irreverent humour, but the highlight is LEGO 2K Drive’s in-depth car builder. Like the original LEGO Racer, you can build your own car brick by brick.

LEGO 2K Drive was one of this year's best surprises, but it has a few flaws. The rubber-banding AI makes the races feel scripted and the egregious microtransactions leave a sour taste in a family-friendly racer aimed at kids.

Drive Pass Season updates

2K Games continues to support LEGO 2K Drive with post-launch Drive Pass Season updates containing free and premium rewards. Season 2 started in September, offering 22 free rewards including three vehicles, five Brick Packs, and five drivers.

LEGO 2K Drive
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LEGO 2K Drive’s online multiplayer was also expanded with the addition of a demolition derby-style Brick Brawl mode and ranked play. Season 3 will likely start soon.

As always, the PlayStation Plus Monthly games lineup includes three games. As well as LEGO 2K Drive, PlayStation Plus Essential subscribers can download Powerwash Simulator and Sable between 5 December and 1 January.

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