MX vs ATV Legends update 1.08 brings handling improvements, bug fixes & more

MX vs ATV Legends landed on PC and consoles back in June. While it’s an enjoyable entry in the long-running MX vs ATV franchise, the game lacks polish and feels unfinished in some areas - despite being delayed for a month.

Since its launch, Rainbow Studios has released several patch updates in response to community feedback. The latest patch has rolled out, with update 1.08 bringing an assortment of bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and new features.

Handling improvements

One of the MX vs ATV Legends’ main issues is the stiff handling. Update 1.08 addresses this, with “improved automatic shifting logic to prevent random loss of momentum,” as well as suspension improvements that reduce bouncing during hard landings and bottoming out. Terrain deformation physics are also improved, providing more feedback when hitting ruts in the dirt.

Additionally, the latest update adds new button configurations for manual and automatic transmission settings, DLC support for dedicated servers, audio improvements, new music tracks, and a new Freeride Trails online playlist.

Rainbow Studios is committed to improving MX vs ATV Legends in the future, with a “dedicated team of developers” that will work on improving the game “well into the future.”

MX vs ATV Legends update 1.08 is live for all platforms including PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. You can check out the patch notes below for a full list of changes.

MX vs ATV Legends update 1.08 patch notes

Control Settings Menu

  • Additional button configurations for manual and automatic transmission settings
  • Includes configurations with shifting on buttons instead of just sticks

2022 AMA Pro Motocross Championship

  • 2022 Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National unlocked
  • Online Playlist for 2022 AMA Pro Motocross Championship


  • DLC support for dedicated servers & online playlists
  • Freeride Trails online playlist

Menus and HUD

  • HUD hides during end-of-race sequence
  • Speedometer is displayed during gate drop sequence
  • Fix for camera glitching/jittering in Pause menus when navigating or moving the camera
  • Improved lighting and visual detail in the Pause menus

Vehicles and Physics

  • Improved automatic shifting logic to prevent random loss of momentum due to the automatic clutch not working properly
  • Improved automatic shifting logic when down-shifting to keep the engine in a better RPM range per-gear
  • Improved suspension to reduce the amount of bounces that can happen when landing hard and bottoming-out
  • Improved wreck-avoidance and wreck triggers so they are more consistent across all MX bikes
  • Increased overall traction to make hitting ruts and turning sharp easier and more rewarding
  • Increased deformation physics feedback to improve the behavior in ruts and elsewhere
  • Fix for missing VFX on ATV & UTV in some cases
  • Improved look of roost/dust

Environments and Terrain

  • Fix for rendering issue with jumbotrons in some stadiums
  • Fix for trails flags/banners/signage not being the correct color in several cases
  • Fix for floating assets under some progression scenarios in the Compound
  • Fixed issue with terrain deformation not working in some maps
  • Improvement to terrain deformation behavior & rate, especially in Supercross
  • General improvements/bug fixes


  • Updated music tracks in-game
  • Fixes to music player for more consistent volume and quality
  • Updated 250R engine sound
  • Improvements to Drive-On sound


  • More AI Pro Riders added
  • Loading times improved
  • Fix for team members being unavailable/not interactable and blocking career progress
  • Fix for common crash when loading into events in Vallis desert map
  • Various other small bugs

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