Redout 2 suffers a delay on Nintendo Switch

WipEout fans rejoice: Redout 2 is nearly here. Developed by 34BigThings, Redout 2 is the sequel to the underrated original anti-gravity racer that will fill the void of a new WipEout game.

Redout 2 is landing on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC later this week. A Nintendo Switch version is also coming. But Switch owners will have to wait a little longer.

Redout 2 delayed on Nintendo Switch

In an update on social media, 34BigThings announced that Redout 2 has suffered a delay on Nintendo Switch. The Switch version will now release in July, with a specific date to be confirmed.

Redout 2 screenshot
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The Switch version of Redout 2 "needs more polish time."

As for why the game is delayed on Nintendo's hybrid console, 34BigThings says the Switch version “needs a little more polish time.”

“We’re working to get the Switch version out in July, and we’ll have an updated release date for you as soon as we can,” the post reads.

This is the second time a version of Redout 2 has suffered a delay. Originally, Redout 2 was scheduled to land on PC and consoles in May before it was pushed back a month.

Porting games to Nintendo Switch is often challenging for developers. As we’ve seen with WRC 10, Switch ports are downgraded with lower resolution graphics, reduced frame rates, and content cutbacks.

It’s likely that Redout 2 requires further optimisation on the less powerful Switch hardware to ensure the game runs smoothly. Choppy performance would make a fast-paced anti-gravity racer like Redout 2 less enjoyable to play.

Redout 2 release date

Redout 2 is out this week on 16 June for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. The Switch version will follow in July, with a release date to be confirmed.

Redout 2 screnshot
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The Switch version of Redout 2 will now release in July.

Redout 2 is being billed as the fastest racing game in the universe, with ships reaching speeds of 1,000 km/h. The anti-gravity racer features 72 tracks including reverse layouts set in ten galactic locations, along with extensive ship customisation options and online multiplayer for up to 12 players.

From the intense gameplay footage released so far, Redout 2 looks like it will be worth the wait and fill the void of a new WipEout game.

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