Retro-inspired Formula Bit Racing DX coming to consoles this week

With most racing game developers focusing on realism, there’s a lack of arcade racers on modern platforms. This has inspired indie developers to create a sub-genre of racing, with games like Hot Shot Racing, Formula Retro Racing, and Slipstream combining retro graphics with modern gameplay.

From indie developer 2Awesome Studio, Formula Bit Racing DX is the latest racer to join this trend.

Back to the ‘90s

Formula Bit Racing DX is inspired by classic arcade racing games of the early 90’s.

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While other games like Slipstream and Formula Retro Racing are influenced by sprite-scaling games like OutRun and early 3D polygonal games like Virtua Racing, Formula Bit Racing DX pays homage to classic top-down racers such as Super Sprint, Micro Machines, and RC Pro-Am.

With low-poly visuals running in crisp HD and a smooth 60fps, Formula Bit Racing DX offers a “fresh interpretation of the old school racing games.”

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Formula Bit Racing DX features 20 circuits with a range of environments. Every track shown in the trailer has 90-degree turns, suggesting the variety of track layouts is limited. 10 unique F1-inspired cars are available, with races accompanied by a retro soundtrack.

Release date

A port of the original Formula Bit Racing released on Steam last year, Formula Bit Racing DX screeches onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on 8 July retailing for £4.99/€3.99/$4.99.

Pre-orders are live on Xbox and Nintendo Switch with a 20-percent discount lowing the price to £3.99/€3.99/$3.99.

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