Stuntfest is reportedly Wreckfest developer BugBear’s next game

Wreckfest is smashing onto Nintendo Switch next month. However, updates and new content for BugBear’s banger racer have slowed down over the past few months, leaving fans wondering if a sequel is in development.

Wreckfest was ported to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, but a sequel built from the ground up for current-gen consoles would take the series to the next level.

According to a new report, BugBear Entertainment is developing a new destructive driving game – but it apparently won’t be a direct Wreckfest sequel.

Instead, BugBear is reportedly developing a new racing IP called Stuntfest according to a since-deleted report by Polish website ZdobywcyGier picked up by Wccftech.

Inspired by Destruction AllStars

Whereas Wreckfest is grounded with realistic driving physics and damage modelling, Stuntfest will allegedly be more over the top. Taking cues from Trackmania, Stuntfest’s maps will allegedly have huge jumps and downhill descents, mixed with on-foot combat inspired by Destruction AllStars.

Stuntfest BugBear
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Stuntfest is reportedly in development by Wreckfest's BugBear Entertainment.

In a throwback to BugBear’s FlatOut series, drivers can apparently be launched from cars. According to the report, players can exit cars, roam around the map on foot, and summon vehicles.

As for the driving, Stuntfest’s car handling is supposedly similar to Wreckfest, but will be “more dynamic” with nitro boosts and “special skills”. One of these special skills is allegedly a glider when getting airborne.

Like Wreckfest, Stuntfest will reportedly have a huge variety of vehicles from pickups and buggies to sports cars and saloons with the option to change the colour.

Destruction AllStars
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Stuntfest is reportedly inspired by Destruction AllStars, TrackMania, and FlatOut.

Most importantly, Wreckfest’s intricate soft body-damage modelling will carry over to Stuntfest according to the report. Vehicles will have a health bar indicating the level of damage. If the health bar runs out, your vehicle is destroyed.

When will Stuntfest be revealed?

Stuntfest sounds promising but take these rumours with a pinch of salt for now. If Stuntfest is in development, we may see an official announcement at THQ Nordic’s 2022 Digital Showcase on 17 August.

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