Teardown’s New Demolition Derby DLC Looks Like a Smashing Good Time

a couple of cars are parked in front of a barn in a video game .

a couple of cars are parked in front of a barn in a video game .

Originally released in 2022, Teardown is a sandbox puzzle game where you pull off daring heists in fully destructible environments and make your escape before time runs out.

While vehicles such as cranes, trucks, and cars can be used as tools of destruction, there are no racing modes. The upcoming Folkrace DLC is set to change that, bringing reckless racing to Teardown.

Wreckfest-style racing coming to Teardown

Named after the Nordic rallycross series that inspired Wreckfest, the premium DLC expansion introduces a new campaign along with new maps, vehicles, and driving modes.

You’ll be racing and crashing a variety of vehicles from sports cars and pickups to food trucks and combine harvesters across three new maps.

Teardown Folkrace DLC
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Naturally, the tracks are fully destructible, with the trailer showing vehicles smashing through warehouses, forests, and farmyards. Cash earned in races can be used to upgrade your vehicle’s engine or apply liveries as you progress through the campaign.

Alongside traditional races, you can also compete in elimination rounds and demolition derbies where the aim is to cause as much carnage as possible and be the last driver standing. If you’re a fan of demolition derby games like Wreckfest and Trail Out, Teardown’s Folkrace DLC looks like it will satisfy your appetite for destruction.

Teardown Folkrace DLC release date

Teardown’s Folkrace DLC is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC on June 19. Season Pass, Deluxe Edition, and Ultimate Edition owners can download it for free, or you can buy it separately for €7.99/$7.99/£6.69.

Folkrace is the second of four DLC expansions in Teardown’s Season Pass following last year’s Wild West-themed Time Campers DLC.

Will you be hitting the track in Teardown’s Folkrace DLC? Let us know in the comments below.

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