The Crew 3 reportedly confirmed as Motorfest, reveal coming next week

Rumours are swirling that The Crew 3 is being rebranded into a new Forza Horizon rival called Motorfest. And now a leaked image from a datamine seemingly confirms this.

Better still, the next entry in The Crew franchise could be revealed as early as next week if rumours are true.

The Crew Motorfest revealed in datamine leak

A datamine leak shared on Twitter by ScriptLeaksR6 and reported by Insider Gamer reveals a logo for The Crew Motorfest. Rather than a new IP, this suggests Motorfest will keep The Crew branding.

While unverified, the data image appears to be legit and sourced from Ubisoft’s Insider Program allowing select players to test early versions of games and give feedback.

Insider Gaming has also reportedly seen other Motorfest images on the condition that they aren’t released publically. These images apparently show a Motorfest logo on electronic billboards, registration plates, and in the loading menu.

The Crew Motorfest
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Codenamed Project Orlando, Motorfest reportedly began as DLC for The Crew 2 before becoming a standalone game.

It’s believed to run on brand new game engine and take place on a modified version of the picturesque Oahu island in Hawaii– a familiar setting for anyone who played the original Test Drive Unlimited.

This is no coincidence either as The Crew’s developer, Ivory Tower, was founded by ex-Eden Games staff that worked on Test Drive Unlimited.

Reveal next week?

Earlier this month, another rumour claimed that Motorfest will release in FY24 between April 2023 and March 2024 and be revealed in the coming months.

The Crew Motorfest
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However, Insider Gaming believes a datamine of its Insider Program could mean a reveal as early as next week. This could suggest a summer release.

If not, we expect Ubisoft to announce The Crew Motorfest at its annual E3 conference in June. With Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown also coming this year, open-world racing.

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