Top Racer Collection Delayed, Steam Demo Coming Next Week

Top Racer Collection Delayed, Steam Demo Coming Next Week

Top Racer Collection Delayed, Steam Demo Coming Next Week

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Top Racer Collection was set to start 2024 with a bang next week. One week before the planned release date, the retro racing compilation has suffered a last-minute delay, with Brazilian developer QUByte announcing a revised release date.

Top Racer Collection delayed until March 2024

Originally set to arrive on 11 January, Top Racer Collection has been delayed until 7 March. In a post on X, formerly Twitter, developer QUByte Interactive said the game was delayed to “enhance the experience we want to deliver to all players.”

Top Racer Collection
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“We believe this decision will result in a more polished, higher quality game that meets the expectations of our incredible community,” the post continues.

“We are dedicating additional time to perfecting the details and ensuring that Top Racer Collection fully meets the standards we set out to achieve. “We believe that this short wait will be rewarded with an exceptional gaming experience.”

Steam demo coming next week

It’s not all bad news, however. To make up for the delay, a free Top Racer Collection demo will be available on Steam on 11 January, offering a sneak preview of the retro racer with three tracks and local multiplayer.

Speeding onto PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, Top Racer Collection is an HD compilation of the Top Racer, Top Racer 2 and Top Racer 3000 16-bit classics released on SNES in the 1990s.

Top Racer Collection
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Previously known as Top Gear (we can’t imagine why the name was changed), the series was particularly popular in Brazil and would later inspire the retro arcade-style Horizon Chase series.

As a bonus, the compilation adds a fourth new game, with Top Racer Crossroads featuring four new cars inspired by Horizon Chase. In total, the compilation will include an impressive 140 tracks to race on.

Split-screen multiplayer returns for up to two players in Top Racer and Top Racer 2 and up to four players in Top Gear 3000. Online multiplayer and world rankings will update the original classics for modern players.

We’re looking forward to replaying these classic 16-bit racers on modern hardware. If you need another reason to get it, it also has arguably one of the best racing game soundtracks of all time composed by the legendary Barry Leitch.

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