Tron-inspired Gravity Goal will reportedly rival Rocket League

Rocket League’s blend of cars, football, and addictive, skill-based gameplay has made it a roaring success, becoming one of the most popular online multiplayer games of all time. We’re starting to see developers attempt to capitalise on its success. Entering beta this week, Turbo Golf Racing will do for golf games what Rocket League did for football games.

And now 2K Games, the developer behind sports titles like WWE 2k22 and NBA 2K22, reportedly wants to take on Rocket League with a new IP.

Gravity Goal will reportedly rival Rocket League

According to a report by renowned leaker Tom Henderson via Exputer, 2K’s answer to Rocket League is reportedly called Gravity Goal. Instead of bashing into a giant ball with rocket-powered cars, Gravity Goal will allegedly let players drive futuristic bikes inspired by Tron's Lightcycles.

Gravity Goal’s arenas are also inspired by Tron, with a “futuristic and high-energy-based vibe with bright colors.”

Tron Legacy Lightcycle
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Bikes in Gravity Goal will reportedly be inspired by Tron's Lightcycles

Like Rocket League, Gravity Goal is expected to feature 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3 matches, with players using vehicles to hit the ball into the opponent’s goal. Aside from bikes, Gravity Goal will set itself apart from Rocket League with weapons according to the report.

Allegedly, players can damage rival cars by throwing discs, adding an element of combat. Speed will determine how much damage you can cause to other bikes. While no screenshots have been published, the discs look like hockey pucks with LED lights according to Henderson’s sources.

Rocket League Knockout Bash screenshot
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Gravity Goal will reportedly be 2K Games' answer to Rocket League

Like Rocket League, Gravity Goal is expected to be one of 26 free-to-play games 2K plans to release by the end of 24 April, bringing the game to a wide audience. As for a reveal, the report claims closed Alpha testing started late last year, so Gravity Goal could be revealed this year.

Gravity Goal will reportedly release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S|X, and PC, but it won’t be sold on last-gen formats.

Rocket League Knockout Bash LTM starts today

Starting today, the new Knockout Bash Limited Time Mode brings Battle Royale to Rocket League. Running from 27 April to 10 May, the new LTM removes the ball and introduces a new free-for-all combat mode. Shaking up Rocket League’s Soccar formula, players attack, block, and grab to knock each other off the platform.

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