TT Circuit Assen comes to RaceRoom Racing Experience

RaceRoom Racing Experience is arguably one of the most underrated PC racing simulators. It’s revered by the community thanks to its detailed driving physics, excellent engine sounds, and a huge range of licensed race series including DTM, WTCR, the WTCC.

Sadly, RaceRoom is overshadowed by more popular racing sims like iRacing and Assetto Corsa Competizione. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore it.

Since the free-to-play racing simulator launched in 2013, developer Sector3 Studios has added a considerable number of cars and tracks. Now, a racing circuit you rarely see in racing games joins RaceRoom: TT Circuit Assen's track roster.

TT Circuit Assen comes to RaceRoom Racing Experience

After being first shown last September, TT Circuit Assen is now available in RaceRoom. Known as the “Cathedral of Speed,” TT Circuit Assen is based in Assen, Netherlands. Opened in 1926, the track hosts the annual Dutch Tourist Trophy motorcycle race.

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You don't see TT Circuit Assen in racing games very often

A redesign in 1955 retained only a third of the original street circuit. Since then, the layout has changed over the years, with the current 2.8-mile track featuring 16 corners. In its current form, the only trace of the original circuit is the finish line.

RaceRoom Racing Experience’s recreation of the TT Circuit Assen has three layouts. These include Grand Prix (4.555 km/2.830 miles, North Course (2.555 km/1.587 miles), and Motorcycle Course (4.542 km/2.822 miles).

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Covering 2.8 miles, the challenging Dutch circuit is a welcome addition to RaceRoom Racing Experience

While TT Circuit Assen is associated with motorcycle racing, the Dutch circuit is also part of the DTM racing calendar. It’s been in MotoGP games before, but its appearance in RaceRoom marks the first time you can race DTM cars at the circuit in a racing game.

Thanks to its mix of tight turns, unforgiving chicanes, and high-speed straights, TT Circuit Assen is a challenging circuit, so it’s great to see it get more exposure in racing games.

A reveal trailer shows a pack of DTM cars including the Audi RS5 DTM and BMW M4 DTM battling it out at the virtual TT Circuit Assen in Raceroom.

How much does TT Circuit Assen cost in RaceRoom Racing Experience?

TT Circuit Assen is available to buy in RaceRoom for  £4.19.

Alternatively, the Dutch circuit is included in the Premium Pack. Available for £83.89, the Premium Pack includes all available content in RaceRoom, giving you access to over 100 cars and more than 25 tracks.

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