Turbo Golf Racing Early Access release date revealed

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Inspired by Rocket League, Turbo Golf Racing is a new indie game combining cars with crazy golf. Developed by Hugecalf Studios, it’s a familiar setup with players driving, jumping and flipping rocket-powered cars to hit an oversized ball and score the most points.

As the name suggests, Turbo Golf Racing also adds a racing element along with powerups, boost pads and traps to make matches fun and fast-paced.

Following the first beta, Hugecalf Studios and publisher Secret Mode have announced the Turbo Golf Racing release date at the Future Games Show.

Early Access release date

Turbo Golf Racing will tee off on 4 August on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One via Steam Early Access and the Microsoft and Xbox Game Preview.

Turbo Golf Racing screenshot
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Turbo Golf Racing is essentially Rocket League with golf instead of football.

Turbo Golf will receive regular free updates throughout the Early Access and Xbox Game Preview programs, including new cosmetic items, new Power Cores, and extra courses. Balancing and performance adjustments will also be implemented based on player feedback along with other tweaks.

Improvements have also been made since the first beta, from improved respawn mechanics and graphics, to car handling adjustments.

Beta 2 now live

If you want to try Turbo Golf and find out if it’s a hole-in-one or a swing and a miss, a new beta is now live on Steam, the Microsoft Store and Xbox. Beta 2 will run until 20 June at6pm BST/10am PDT/7pm CEST.

The new beta contains 12 courses including new levels such as Twisted Gardens, Uphill Battle, Hyper Flight Corner and Mountain Hideout, along with online cross-play for up to eight players and single-player time trials.

Turbo Golf Racing
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You can try Turbo Golf Racing for yourself in a new beta.

You can enter the beta by visiting the Turbo Golf Steam page and downloading the demo or registering for the preview via the Xbox Insider app or Microsoft Store.

Taking part in the beta will unlock three exclusive items in the final game:

  • Beta Avatar - Unlock by reaching level 2 in the Beta 2 season
  • Beta Wheels - Unlock by reaching level 7 in the Beta 2 season
  • Beta Spoiler - Unlock by reaching level 11 in the Beta 2 season
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