Turbo Golf Racing mid-season update adds new levels, Power Cores, cross-play & more

Turbo Golf Racing is more than just Rocket League with golf. Yes, you use rocket-powered cars to smack into a giant ball and both games have a futuristic aesthetic, but the comparisons end there.

Turbo Golf Racing is an addictive alternative to Rocket League where you race against seven opponents online to knock your ball into the hole first while avoiding obstacles and using Power Cores to gain a tactical advantage.

Turbo Golf Racing mid-season update arrives

It’s a lot of fun, but it needs more content. This can be forgiven though as the game is in Early Access. However, developer Hugecalf Studios has been listening to player feedback and has added a raft of improvements and new content in the new mid-season update.

Cross-platform parties

One of the most requested community features is online cross-platform parties. With the mid-season update, friends can now play together across Xbox and Steam, regardless of the platform.

Turbo Golf Racing mid-season update
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Solo mode is also renamed to Time Trial and now features online leaderboards for times recorded offline.

New levels and Power Cores

One of our criticisms was the limited number of levels and environments. The Turbo Golf Racing mid-season update address this, adding six new levels: Endurance, Three Peaks, Rough Hill, Hurricane Lane, Par 5, and Avalanche.

Turbo Golf Racing mid-season update
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In addition, there are two new Power Cores. Big Shot increases the ball hitting power, while Ice Lock freezes the ball in its current position to prevent it rolling past the hole or over the edge.

Other gameplay improvements include a steering sensitivity slider, reduced handbrake sensitivity, and more.

For more details, check out the Turbo Golf Racing mid-season update patch notes below.

Turbo Golf Racing mid-season update patch notes

Cross-platform parties

  • One of the most requested community features is now in the game – Cross-platform parties!
  • You and your friends can now party-up and play together across Xbox and Steam, regardless of platform. In addition to this you can now add ‘TGR Friends’ using a friend code from any platform.
  • Players can now see other players vehicles in the lobby. Time to show off those sweet rides.


  • Solo mode has a new name, Time Trial!
  • We have added both singleplayer and multiplayer leaderboards that record your fastest time for each level. They can be accessed from the Time Trial tab in-game.
  • Multiplayer leaderboards show times that have been recorded in online games.
  • Single player leaderboards are recorded by players offline.
  • We’ve also added a filter option; allowing you to switch between global leaderboards and those of your friends. Lets get racing!

6 new levels

We’ve added six new levels for you to explore and enjoy:

  • Endurance
  • Three Peaks
  • Rough Hill
  • Hurricane Lane
  • Par 5
  • Avalanche

Power Cores


Increase your ball hitting power and send that ball FLYING!


Freeze your ball in its current position; use this to prevent your ball rolling past the hole or over the edge!



Hot head has had some buffing to give it that extra ‘oomphf’


This now awards shield and boost for side flips. Side flips have now been fixed at high speeds too.


Curve can be hard enough, so we’ve reduced the strength of the spin on your ball.

Cosmetics + Community Decals

The community is what makes this game, and so we’re always looking to add community-created content into Turbo Golf Racing. In this update we’ve added 4 community-created decal sets as well as some additional ones from us.


  • Catfish
  • Burn
  • Impact
  • Floral


  • Diamond
  • Cross
  • Side Fade
  • Side Fade Extra

As with all existing vehicles, the Ratoon car parts can be mixed and matched with other car parts to make a truly unique combination. These new cosmetic parts are:

  • Ratoon car body
  • Glider spoiler
  • Vector wheels
  • Claws wheels
  • Shutter Club shield

General gameplay improvements


  • Balanced the steering curve to be more consistent with speed increases
  • Added steering sensitivity slider
  • Halved the default aim assist
  • Slightly adjusted the default camera angle
  • The ball prediction line is now off by default
  • Changed boost visuals (screen warp and boost lines. Added chromatic aberration)
  • Reduced the sensitivity of handbrake
  • Tightened the ‘dash camera’
  • Networking improvements: Improved the camera behaviour where the players simulation falls behind the server

Quick Chat

The following changes have been made to the in-game quick chat system:


  • Good Luck
  • Good Game
  • Thanks
  • Well Played
  • Sorry!


  • GG
  • GLHF
  • Party Face

Game loop

  • The camera will now swap to spectator camera after scoring quicker
  • There is now a minimum time before the DNF timer begins counting, based on the level’s 3 star time
  • You can now score after the timer finishes to prevent a DNF if your last touch of the ball was prior to the timer hitting zero
  • Pressing Esc in the lobby will now bring up the exit game menu
  • The game won’t wait for AFK players during the countdown
  • Various level fixes and balances


  • Players with less than 5 games played will have a limited map selection
  • Games with an average ELO of 1500 or more will not get given the shortest maps

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